Trial Challenges

1: thrust peak: :df:+:lp:
2: heavy shoulder: jump, :d:+:mp:
3: heavy body press: jump, :d:+:hp:
4: tomahawk buster: :dp:+:p:
5: condor dive: jump neutral of jump forward + :3p:
6: condor spire: :bdp:+:p:
7: mexican typhoon: :360:+:p:
8: double typhoon (super): :360::360:+:p:
9: raging typhoon (ultra 1): :360::360:+:3p:
10: raging slash (ultra 2): :hcb::hcb:+:3p:
11: focus attack, ultra 1
12: s.:lp:, s.:mp:
13: s.:lp:, c.:mp:
14: s.:mp:, s.:mp:
15: s.:hp:, c.:mk:
16: s.:lp:, s.:lp:, c. :lk:
17: s.:mp: xx TB
18: s.:mk: xx EX CS
19: EX CS, EX TB
20: TB (with :lp:), EX TB
21: j.:hp:, s.:lp:, s.:lp:, s.:mp:
22: HBP, c.:lk: xx TB
23: focus attack, s.:lp:, s.:mp: xx EX TB, EX CD
24: j.:hk:, s.:mk: xx EX CS, EX TB, EX CD

His trials are really easy except for 14. I just can’t link to mps together lol

14 is close mp and then far mp

Yeah, I’m an idiot, didn’t realize that.