Trial Help



jump HK
st. LK
cr. LP
high jump
Burst Time

What would be the method for pulling this off? I have tried and I am lucky if I could get to the high jump since I am being so careful to input all of the right commands. The there is Ultra 1.

A lot of quick inputs are required, but not sure how it’s done and need some help since going through the older threads is REALLY time consuming due to all of the ads that have appear every time a page is loaded.

This is TRIAL #3 in vanilla, and I think number 21 in super. At least I think it is a little bit different in super.


You have to use a ‘super jump cancel’ (SJC) in order to link the cr.LP into Burst Time.
Follow [down + cr.LP] by rotating the joystick 450 degrees counter-clockwise very quickly and then press the three punch buttons.


I’ll look into that.