Trial Mode for Steve

Hi guys, total Tekkan newb here but thinking of going with Hworang/Steve combo. Still doing the trials for the characters and have completed Hworang’s yesterday. I am stuck@ Steve’s No. 16 trial. The crouch lk > standing lp > crouch mp > Fang combo. The first link is already sooo difficult! I tried for 30 min this morning and only managed to connect the first two link only ONCE! Any tips guys?


Well I hate to bring more bad news but if you didn’t already know you can’t chain into the you have to link it. So there’s two links. The first one you should just get the rhythm down for it. The second one is really hard and I got that just off luck.

I have a tip! You can cheat on this one real easily if you’re so inclined.

Bring the opponent to the corner. Do, then do a chain combo that starts with lp, mash out EX fang, then juggle it with a into normal fang. It still counts.

Wow good trick sinix, I would have never thought of it. Thanks!