Trial number 10

So I am blazing through, just trying to get the feel and some extra fight money, and I come across trail 10. It gives me some fits, so then I watch the CPU perform it. Ok. Take a few tries, then I perform it. So it seems. However, it says I am missing the jumping fireball, which I am not. WTF!

You sure you’re doing a lp fireball?

I thought I was. I may have been just doing FP fireball. Damn it now Ill have to try later since Im at work. LOL.

Im used to the trials that just say QCF P instead of a specific punch.

yeah i cant get the flip fireball to come out either, maybe i just suck.
edit: nvm i figured it out fireball only works from flip if ur in Vtrigger

yeah it looks like you must’ve used a different air fireball. you should be able to get it now in no time.

That was the problem. I was using a different air FB instead of LP air FB. All is well. Helps to pay attention. LOL.