Trials 100% completed

with a time of 18 hours and 45 minutes. im satating it for record purposes and if anyone needs help with a trial i’ll help anyway i can just ask



claps slowlygoes back to training room to find useful BnB’s instead of wasting time in trial mode

why do you think trial mode is a waste of time? just cuz somethings are irrelevant in there doesnt mean everything is.

wow you can help me then, how do you do jin trial mode number 13?

do a jumping hp then when u do standing hp press foward hp instead and then do qcf lp and the special step thrusting uppercut will come out completing the trial. its buffering the special step to uppercut if you dont know

I usually NEVER do this shit, but it helped me understand the mechanics a lot better.

I got 4 characters left, :frowning: and I did this to help find my other half. Still don’t know who to use. Ugh.

That’s the point of the trials , without them it would take longer to grasp the tekken characters.

Congrats! Any tips as to completing Vega’s trial 17 and 20?

I usually NEVER do this shit, but it helped me understand the mechanics a lot better.

…the hell?

Footage of Vega 20 or it didn’t happen.

I don’t know why people are hating, good job dude.

If nothing else, trials help with your execution. Even if xT’s trials are kind of…easy :smiley:

The trials in this game are a joke.

i typed praise in photobucket and i found this… so enjoy…

Trials are alright.

It has nothing to do with practicality. I want to complete them for titles to use online.

So is the general consensus that the trial combos are irrelevant to actual gameplay? Are none of, for example, Ryu’s trial combos useful in an actual battle?

Some of them have uses, like Ryu’s, but the amount of useless ones outweigh the useful ones. They do increase your consistency, though. So if you have trouble hitting a certain link in a practical combo, it’s a good way to practice that link until you get it down perfectly.

Some of the trials will show you what normals are good for juggles, not that you couldn’t find them yourself with some lab work but at least they show you combo potential immediately. They’re a solid time waster, titles are cool, and they can help you explore combo potential not irrelevant at all imo.