Trials challenge 9 & 10

I’m having trouble completing challenge 9 and 10. When I had my octo gate I completed 9 but I switched back to a square gate since dp comes out faster for me with it. Challenge 10 is hard for me because I can’t get the axe kick into light kick into L tatsu timing right. Any advice? I decided to stop for now and come back.

After the roundhouse CC, you have to take a small step forward before your fierce. You’ll know you did it right when the axe kick lands for two hits.

Yeah I know about the step forward but its more about the L kick after the axe kick.

It’s a link. Practice just this part of ths combo. Practice the timing by hitting lk once as early as possible as the animation for axe kick finishes. It probably won’t come out the first few times as you doing it tad early. If late it won’t combo. Once you have a feel for the timing double tap when you feel it’s the right timing to double your chance of hitting it. Practice cancelling.the linked lk into lk tatsu when you can hit the lk.

With double tapping it’s quite easy to be consistent with it

Add it to the rest of the combo.

thanks so much for the tip on doing small step forward before the fierce on Challenge 10!!! Was able to finally complete this.

Double tap until the bitch comes out.