Trials help...



Hi, I’m fairly new to the Street Fighter IV engine and I’m not really sure yet how a lot of the underlying mechanics work yet. That being said, I need some help with Jin’s 15th and 13th trial.

On trial 15, I am able to do the first set of inputs, up until when I have to do the special step. I can usually do the special step by itself, but when I try to do it in this combo the training dummy always blocks the Thrusting Uppercut.

And with trial 13, it seems like I cant even go into the special step at all after doing the jump punch and stand punch inputs.

Please help, asap. :\


Stuck on trial 20, where i have to do EX Power Stance -> Mental Alertness -> Swaying Willow. Have tried to do this as fast as possible on many occasions and have still not been able to land this consistently during the whole trials.

edit: nevermind…muscle memory decided to kick in lol


So…is that implying that you got past 13 and 15? If so please do share how…cause I have to be missing something. Telling me you got past trial 20 doesn’t help at all.


Trial 13: You have to treat the Special Step as a special move (pun unintended). Right after s:hp: quickly** buffer** the special step and just wait for the s:hp: to connect, it’ll cancel itself into special step then you can hit the follow up :lp:. The key to the timing is hitting the follow up :lp: after the s:hp: connects, no sooner. There’s crapload of hitstun on the s:hp: so you have plenty of time to hit the follow up.

Trial 15: Same thing with Trial 13, this time ‘Left Right Combo’ is a target combo so you get plenty of time to buffer the special step, again wait until the ‘Left Right Combo’ finishes and hit follow up :lp: uppercut. For the last bit do the input like this:

:df:+:mk:, :b::f:+:hp:


I’m stuck on Trial 17.


Trial 17 is deceptive lol. After the ‘Thrusting Uppercut’ you have to move forward by a tiiiny pixel otherwise you get far.s:hp: which is not special cancellable, you want the close s:hp:. Hope that helps!


See, I knew I was going to have to buffer and i tried it a hundred times and it still wouldn’t connect correctly…ah well, I’ll just have to try again when I get home. I’m trying my hardest to master Jin, I’d really like to main him.

On a somewhat related note, who do you guys think pairs best with Jin? I was tinkering around with Ogre and I really liked his moveset, but if not him I was either thinking Cammy or Sagat then.


Thanks, I got past both trials thanks to your advice. :smiley:

Quite stuck on 17 though…


I believe 17 is the one with the ss lp. U have to do cr. mp walk forward a tiny bit then close standing fp since u cant cancel into the move if its far fp. This has to be a link


Just a heads up for trial 20, the EX power stance seems to cancel-able in two different spots. Immediately up on activating, then a few frames after activation (so you can eat an attack, then counter). If you cancel immediately you pretty much skip the animation and go into Mental Alertness ~> Swaying Willow. This is what you need to do to complete the trial.
If you wait for the animation, you cant combo it, but can parry a few attacks. I’m guessing this for strategical purposes if someone is mashing SRK out of your combos. Ex Version can parry three hits i believe.


Do you have to do trial 17 in teh corner?




This is absolutely correct, I find it helps when you buffer the LK MK cHP into EX Stance as fast as possible then you have to wait for a frame or two to hit the mental alertness.