Triangle and circle not coming out on TE?

Anyone else ever have a problem with Triangle and Circle not coming out when doing a focus attack sometimes? It happens to me all the time on this stick and I’m wondering if it’s a common problem with Round 2 PS3 TE sticks.

What do you mean not coming out? the button gets stick in and doesnt release? or you mean its not registering when you press it?

other buttons not working either??

I mean when they’re pushed together, no focus attack comes out. But it doesn’t happen all the time. The actual sanwa buttons are fine.

Sorry to first answer to your question i have not experienced your problem with the buttons (i’ve had stick problems)

  1. have you modded the TE stick? if so you might want to open it up and make sure all the QDs are tight.
  2. If it is intermittent could be a loose QD or kink in the wire.


Not modded. Maybe loose QD. I’ll check that. I just assumed since I’ve never opened it the QD wouldn’t wiggle loose.

its possible

and hopefully it is just that, cause its easy to fix.

if that is not, then there are more experienced people here than I


well I’ve built 3 custom sticks already so pulling out the PCB and adding a MC isn’t new to me, it’s just I’d hate to do it. I want my TE to work properly.

Went into training mode. I think I might just be hitting the buttons too soon out of another animation. I’m used to Seimitsu, and as stupid as this sounds I think the milisecond in effort it takes to push between sanwa and Seimitsu is throwing me off. Or the feel maybe. either way the input is showing up in training mode.