Triangle Jump?


I’ve been looking online for an explanation of what a triangle jump is.

What is it exactly?

What truly makes someone a scrub?

In a fighting game context, it’s the ability of a character to ‘bounce’ off the edge of the screen as if rebounding off a wall. It’s also commonly called a “wall jump” even though, generally, there’s no wall there. It’s done by jumping back towards the edge of the screen, and then pushing up-forward as you reach the screen’s edge, causing the character to make a second jump. Their trajectory describes a triangle (or at least, has three points - the start, the wall-bounce point and the end), hence the name.


Wait, I thought that a triangle jump is performing a super jump, then quickly airdashing diagonally towards the ground. The most popular examples of triangle jumping are from Magneto and Storm from MvC2.


going to go out on a limb and say the second guy is trolling.


Characters with an 8 way dash in MARVELS can jump then immediately dash down forward so it’s almost like an SNK short-hop… but faster


In sf4 walljump is often referred to as triangle jump.


By who?


I always thought that the triangle jump was what Rufus nj dive kick was. Not trolling, but thats what came to mind when I saw this


Official frame data names ‘wall jump’ as ‘triangle jump’ for most characters.


“official” frame data?


Hmm, seems I’m mistaken. eventhubs frame data lists walljumps as triangle jumps, and I thought their frame data was the same as that that’s in the prima guide, but the sf4 prima guide frame data doesn’t actually have wall jump frame information in it. Also I did a search, only references to triangle jumps from the prima guide are:

Master Gouken Says: One of Rufus?s best attacks is the Falcon Kick. However, when used from
the apex of a jump, it is telegraphed and easily punished with an antiair attack. To prevent this,
execute the Falcon Kick as soon as you jump. This is referred to as a ?triangle jump? and gives
the Falcon Kick a much faster executing speed, with the opponent having far less time to react to it.

Once at close range, use a triangle jump Falcon Kick (execute the Falcon Kick
early in the jump and as low to the ground as possible) to begin your offense. If
the Falcon Kick connects, follow with a combo of your choice, but Rufus?s true
offensive pressure comes after a blocked Falcon Kick. The Falcon Kick is safe when
blocked and can be followed by a throw, an HP, a Crouching LK, Rufus?s Vulture Kick
overhead, or a wide variety of other attacks. You can also confuse your opponent
with Rufus?s Vulture Kick in place of the Falcon Kick to begin your offense.

Cammy?s Cannon Strike is an aerial attack that can be used from any height as long
as she is jumping forward. It?s best used to change the trajectory of her jump to bait
an opponent into missing an antiair attack. You can also use it to create a triangle jump, by executing the attack as soon
as Cammy gets into the air with a QCB, UF notation. When executed properly, it can catch an opponent off guard because
of the quick execution speed and the low trajectory of the triangle jump version of the attack. The lower the attack hits,
the safer it becomes, but it?s relatively safe in all forms. The EX version has slightly more priority, executes slightly faster,
and infl icts more damage.


So was I right?


True. Cept Rufus can Cross-Up fairly easy with his Dive/Triangle/Falcon Kick @_~


Poptags is wrong, Those aren’t triangle jumps, those are dive kicks which, if you want to, you can call triangle jumps but shouldn’t because this is what triangle jumps really look like.


jump, dash down forward/down back, attack with normal. With a triangle jump you don’t always have to attack which adds to the confusion. Which is good!


They are called triangle jumps because your chars trajectory in the air resembles a triangle for the most part, it doesn’t really relate to frame data lol


I’ve always heard wall jumps called triangle jumps as well.


The only triangle jump in this thread are the ones Cryoh and Dander are referring to.


i play winner and srk wiki disagree

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yeah well srk wiki was written by the lot of you, so that’s not saying much in it’s defense.

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