Triangle Jumping


So I recently acquired Marvel and I figured why not learn the basics. So after everything I try triangle jumping and it seems like when I df dash the air attack never comes out.

I jump, downforward dash, hit b (magneto), and it doesn’t come out.


because you have to wait for the peak of your jump to get magnetos overhead before trijumping otherwise it whiffs, and you shouldn’t have made a new thread about this…


…In the MvC3 section, try the Newbie Saikyo Dojo.


If your looking for close range bull. Use an assist and teleport behind them with which a handful of characters have teleport.


Try Iron Man. His tri-jump works more like MVC2.


I checked around in the FAQ and New players guide and found nothing on this, I also watched different videos on tri jumping and didn’t find why it was whiffing. Thanks for the reply, I was df dashing right away because I thought that was faster.