Tribute to Alex and Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Characters


You can’t Escape!:mad:

I will try to execute all of them. One Down!


nice pic


that’s some great work man! watched >:]


I really appreciate your work. This is another great SF illustration.
Keep up the excellent work drawer! :wink:
You’re a great artist, easy to understand how much you know the human anatomy.


Damn that looks awesome, man. Added to the watch list.

Looking forward to Q and Oro drawings.


Yeah, just saw that on dA! Great work, I’ve actually been watching you for a while!


great style and very energetic line work:tup:


Thanks bro!


Thank you!


Thank you yotatouch for the kind words. I’ve been practicing the human anatomy since 1995 and I am still working on it.


wow this guy is talented. must run in the family @.@!


I like the linework and proportions. Good stuff!


what did you use to do the linework, i really dig it


.3 and .5 mechanical pencil and a little touch of standard pencil.


wow! this is so amazing! please please please do all the characters so I can have this beautiful art collection.