'Tribute to Garou' vid

This is a very short combo vid of Garou MotW that a friend of mine made a few months back, what do you think?
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Didn’t even watch it because it’s in Real Media format.

What’s wrong with you ppl and RM? ~_~

Lol, central/south americans always encode everything in RM for some reason.
It sucks, no one likes it.

RealPlayer is full of spyware, and not everyone knows about Media Player Classic.
Even with Media Player Classic, quality of RM files is usually low.

what he said.

fuck,maybe that’s why my pc is full of shit,but I can’t uninstall it,I have lots of rm videos

I never have problems with real player.

It wasnt to bad, I enjoyed it.

Not a bad vid. Don’t like RM though.

Or THEM, apparently! :rofl: But seriously guys: Realmedia Alternative is your friend. Rm Files aren’t that bad. It’s not like Realplayer killed your father and raped your mother.

DAMN! Where can I get that version of Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku??? Can someone aim that shit to me?

Intro was alright, DBGT music didn’t fit the video well I thought, combos were average, overall an ok video. Later.

I’ll ask me friend about it ;).