Tribute to Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike RYU VS Q

Do not worry Q is alright. Q will get Ryu next and it’s going to be really brutal.

? I just commented in your other thread. Love the details man

Whats your technique for drawing Ryu’s hair?

Up down up down …75 degree angle . Draw somebody who has the same hair as Ryu and observe how his hair flow. Look at his hair pattern carefully. I hope this help.

haha nice! I like the angle you’ve chosen :slight_smile:

that looks great! love all the little details and the ripples in ryu’s clothing.

Are you going to add color to it? Reminds me of the style in Grappler Baki, motion wise. Q looks great.

Nice work man

I would love color on this too.

Also thank you for the tip. I can only get his hair to come out good 50% of the time.