Trick or Treat Lord Raptor

A little thing I drew last month, a semi-SD Lord Raptor using his little monster buddy Le Malta as a treat bag.

I’m way out of practice, I have a hard time finding the motivation to draw these days. But I’m fairly pleased with how this came out.

I like! Draw more.

looks dope! How 'bout a BB Hood(Bulleta)?!

pretty dope man. u planning on coloring it?

Thanks for the replies! This was actually going to be part of a series, I was going to have all the Darkstalkers characters Trick-or-Treating in various funny ways (Anakaris would have a couple of his Khybit servants hauling a big sarcophagus full of candy, Jedah would be holding candy in the dimensional portal in his chest, Rikuo would be carrying candy in a bubble, Hsien-Ko’s Tenraiha weight would be hollowed out and filled with candy, etc.) but despite trying a couple times I never got any further than this.