Trick(s) trap to throw

What is/are some of the trick(s) that can lead to throw your opponents?

Thanks a bunch in advance!

necro have a lot of set ups for throw

b.short > throw
b.jab > throw
mealty round house drill(1hit) >throw
jab roll > throw

set ups:
-after a b.strong reset (oponent cornered) you can cancel intro (qcb pp) if the timing is right only conect one hit of move and you can walk and grab or other stuff
-(oponent cornered) after a tech hit you can dash and try grab
-after a hit medium hook
-after a anti air drill

-whiff (in oponent weak up)

b.short> throw
c.short> throw
jab roll> throw
walk > throw

anti (tech hit) mix up

b.short >c.shortxjab roll
any stuff> b.fierce (firsts frames of this move are unthrow)
c.short(whiff) c.short(mealty hit)xjab electricity(hit confirm)xxSA
b.short (whiff) bshort (mealty)>s.strong xx sa
any tick walk and b.strong (hit confirm)

i can’t remember more

excuse mi bad english

can b+rh be used for a tick setup? cuz i believe i saw that it gives necro a +12 on block, but the startup is relatively long. at the very least, i use it to hit confirm into ES, but can it work on wakeup to setup for a corner throw?

work well for me but not use to much because people can see this and parry
if he block this you have a lot of frame advantaje and you can grab hit down etc ect