Trick shots done with Fighting Games


Hi everybody on SRK,

just wondering if you guys would like to see a trick shot video I made using fighting games (Mostly SF) It took some time to finish but I hope it’s interesting for you guys. Thank you! <---------- Trick shot video <--------- Behind the scenes. LOL

Feel free to hate or doubt…it’s kind of expected haha



What’s the music?


Do you make youtubes and vines for a living?


Well that was fucking great. :slight_smile: Good job.


wow I thought that was going to suck, and I was only mildly right :stuck_out_tongue:

good job!


Fat Jon - Long Now

Actually, I’m on vacation from my job overseas. I have a lot of freetime now until I go back in June. Might as well do something “ridiculous” while i’m here.

Thank you!

Haha thanks!


After watching the marvel behind the scenes, I thought you were going to sanford kelly that stick


White people :smh:


awesomeness, outtakes were my fav part lol, great job


7 years of violin lessons and this is what you are doing with your life?


I seen the thread title and I thought it was gonna be some punk bitch mindlessly babbling about a supposedly “pro” FG player I never heard of quitting fighting games. I am disappoint. I wanted to be an asshole to OP


You’re using ping pong balls and you still manage to drop less combos than OMG-ITZ-ANDRE. That’s… adequate.


nice macros scrub


I saw desk do it without macros


One day all that water is gonna spill over the electronics, practically just asking for it lol


That looked pretty nice


Who are you talking about?
The guy in the vid looks Asian.
regardless, too much free time on his hands.
then again, aren’t we all for shitposting on SRK.


That was actually entertaining! I admire the effort it took to set it all up and you’ve got good editing skills.