tRicKeRy WiTh ChUnLi

i would just like some more tricks to add for my chun’s disposal, so i thought i’d make a thread since i haven’t seen a thread yet for this type of MISC stuff.

This is more or less a thread on tricky ways to land the c.lp x 2, into da kicks, or other tricky things you can do with chun-li [examples: what do you follow up with after ur kick super, etc…].

well…i’ll start

kick super, sj.d+mk,, c.lp,, and if those hit go into another super

small hop d+mk, crossover lk, c.lp,

crossover lk into kicks

i know there is more; i just don’t know it, somebody knowledgable help!!! thanx in advance

after her rushing kick super (hoyokosen?), super jump fp x 2 into the corner, and RC lightning legs. link the super if it hits or some other blocked string.

dash in, RC legs

downforward + roundhouse (land), RC legs

RC SBK, RC legs

after crossup short, crouching jab, standing fierce, fierce fireball, RC legs. the RC legs will hit any counter poke attempt for hardly any damage, but it still works

lol, it’s all about the RC’s.

RC legs are cheap. Invincible combo starter! It’s invincible, and if it’s blocked, you’re pretty safe. As if Chun wasn’t good enough as it is!

A-Chun could prolly link CC after it.

I’ll have to learn it. :slight_smile:

aight, this is probably ignorance but here we go.

sometimes i’ll see a japanese video with a c-groove chun-li in it, and she will link into the level 2 super, then cancel into what looks like just a standing fp, then do a level 1, and wut may follow. i just would like to know how i can do a normal after that level 2, because i know you just can’t hit fp.

look closer. the actual combo is standing mp, level 2 hoyokosen, RH lightning legs, standing fierce, level 1 hoyokosen, super jump RH. i gave a long explanation on how to do it in another thread, so i’ll just repost that…

well the C-chun combo isn’t too hard once you get the timing down, but there’s still always room for error. if i’m ever against K groove and i hit a level 2, i just go right into a level 1 at the last hit. consider the risk/reward ratio- i successfully complete the middle part and the level 1, and i just took 9500 of their life. or i miss the middle part, they block the level 1, and i eat a level 3 super in my face. the extra 1000-1500 damage i get in the middle doesn’t make up for the level 3 at all. or if you’re iffy on your execution, just go right into the level 1 right before the last hit of the level 2. damage is damage in cvs2, and the more you can get at one time without messing up, the better.

anyways, you first combo into the level 2 somehow. either crouching jab, crouching jab, crouching strong, level 2. or crouching jab, standing fierce, level 2. or standing/crouching strong, level 2.

after that, you wait until chun li does her first set of rushing kicks, then once she turns to do the other set, i tap roundhouse 5 times at a steady pace (no need to really mash it because it’s not that fast). if you time it properly, chun li should cancel her level 2 into roundhouse lightning legs towards the end of her level 2. at that point, you have 2 options. you can either…

a) standing fierce, level 1
b) crouching jab, crouching strong, level 1

they both do about the same damage and stun, so it’s player preference on which one to use. i like option b for some reason, probably because you can have more time to see if you got the link from the RH lightning legs. but standing fierce doesn’t give you enough time for you to recognize if you’re still comboing.

from there, i like to super jump fp instead of RH because i like to land and RC lightning legs to go for the dizzy. if i complete the entire combo, plus super jump fierce, then RC lightning legs, standing fierce, fireball, then they’re probably dizzy.

another method instead of hitting roundhouse 5 times is to drum your fingers from rh, mk, lk, then hit roundhouse twice. i like the other option better for some reason because of timing.

that pretty much explains it all. you’ll find out the link timing after rh lightning legs with practice, because that’s probably the toughest part.


b is easier imo

I am really new with Chun-li. How can I RC the kicks? IS there a especial hand positioning? I am not sure how to do it… Some friend with nowledge please help.



drag, right on the money there. Depending on your distancing, you can link to d.LP, d.MP or s.MP after 2 hit HK legs. Although with the amount of damage you can do with the kick super then possible mixups afterwards, I usually don’t CC unless I’m blowing through something else, it is a hella kickass style option though :slight_smile:

as for RC legs…


HK is the legs you want, the others are nowhere near as good. As for hand position, I just hold my three fingers over the buttons for the first three taps, roll with index and thumb, then hit HK with third finger. Takes a bit of getting used to but when you do it’s invaluable as the same technique can be applied to Blanka RC elec, Joe RC crazy hands and Honda RC slaps.

For Chun, the main legs combo I do is HK xx HK legs. You can link s.MP after it and this is the highest damage starter for her kick super AFAIK. More importantly, it does great guard crush and leaves you in a nice pressuring position (which is what Chun should be doing most of the time). You can do stuff vs blocked opponents like HK xx HK legs, s.MP xx MP fireball, then walk forward and apply more pressure through s.MP again. There’s other options like dash throw or dash RC legs again. This all depends on how they react to the FB as you can roll it on reaction pretty easily. If they do that though, you recover in time (except in cases like Iori or Kim I think) to throw them when they finish.

One trick I was doing last night which has good success is jump HK as AA. This gives you the same mixup potential as landing it after the kick super, but it can occur more frequently. Most people only expect to have to watch what side they’re falling on after the kick super, I was getting a lot of free hits by just walking under and hitting on the other side because it was an unexpected move.

hope these things may help you.


They were some very helpful hints for me. I am going to try those RC things with Blanka, CHun, and Honda. Thanks a lot man. I really appreciate your words. Thanks a lot. GOod that you share your knowledge.



I think I like this thread.

OT, I know that Chun-Li can JC (Jump-Cancel) after her KickSuper, and I hear that its possible after a s.RH as well. What else can she JC from?

And when people talk about the j.FP after the Hoyokusen into a RC LL, and a Kikoken, I’ve got to questions.

  1. Is this a Juggle? Or a set up?
  2. is it neccessary to RC the LL, or will a normal LL suffice.