Just thought I’d share what I’ve been working on with everyone here =) (All mid-screen setups)

  1. Any setup where the opponent is bounced against the Aegis (i.e. Aegis thrown behind, sweep; Strong Sphere xx Fierce Aegis etc.) 1hit -> Aegis (2nd hit) -> s.Strong (3rd hit) -> Aegis (4th) -> Jump and time it right to throw out a jab [while still in the air of course -_-;] and dash under the reset for another hit (or a couple) [at this stage, there’s a little bit of time left on the Aegis which is now against their back] -/> or whatever your fancy.

  2. c.Fierce -> Ex headbutt -> dash under and jab to reset *
    *Fierce Aegis -> Sweep -> #1
    *Strong Aegis -> Dash up and neutral grab (not sure about the regular grab but the neutral will make them hit the mirror on drop) -> whatever you fancy.
    *Now that I think about it… You might be able to reset into Jab Aegis (which I’m thinking would hit them up after a couple hits?) -> Tackle to cross-up and you’ve got a mid-screen Aegis setup. Will have to test this tomorrow and I’ll let you guys know what’s up =P

3 - really strict timing - c.Fierce -> Ex headbutt -> jab reset (I find it that it’s easier if you jab around the stomach area below the chest, above the belt line 'cause the window to cross them up is extremely small.) -> Dash under! -> Lay the pipe.

To be quite honest, I forgot some of the stuff in #2 but you guys should be able to figure out if it’s Fierce Aegis or Strong for instances 1* or 2*, it’s late but I wanted to get something up here tonight =)