Tricks to bait a sak in k groove?

I’m having a lot of trouble with a sak. I play k groove Shoto’s, blanka, cammy, sagat, sak and a few others randomly… Anyway the only person I have a reliable way to escape shosho with is akuma with his teleport. I use it to kinda bait activations on wakeup and in some other situations.

Well anyway does anyone know any decent ways to avoid getting gaurd crushed by a sak besides jd dp or whatever? I just want a more reliable way to beat these bastards lol.

Stop playing against me and you won’t get killed by A-sak

Lol stop shitting on my threads. I own your a sak.

-walk up to them and then jump back.
-on wake up, jump back.

most likely, good players wont be scrubby enough to activate on wake up(actually i only know of 1 player who does that.)

If i wanted to chip you with sak, id do it in a “garaunteed” way, s.lp,s.lp, activate sho sho sho. It doesnt matter if its blocked or hit, i win either way. sometimes even if you’ve JDed it. oops, did i just help out your buddy there? =/

Yeah thats mostly what I do now. Shit is rough…

random knockdown, walkl over, buffer super, crouch, if they activate, GGPO A-sak. if they activate half a second later, GGPO sagat.

the easiest way to see if an a-groover is going to activate on you is if they change their gameplan. most of the time they’ll try to zone/turtle, when they switch this up with trying to get close to you, its coming. its just a matter of when exactly though.

Maybe its just me but after a while you kinda get a feel of when to expect random activate.If I’ve gotten 2-3 successful mix ups after a knockdown, I know they’re itching to put the momentum in their favor. Thats usually when I jump away.

I’m not a big fan of hitting them out of their customs right away unless I’m not given much of a choice. If you hit them right out of it then they’re back to 50% meter. If you can just keep away if they activate and try to punish them just as the meter expires.

Just do what Makoto does and parry that shit.

Don’t use K groove on A players unless your Ino and you can rush people the fuck down in a few seconds with some serious JD’ing ~.~

So you literally are telling me to quit the game vs A groovers. Thanks.

Vs A-Sak, I usually get chipped to death by the random activate. But I’m scrubby as hell so anything works on me.

The worst thing you can do is jump in AT them, cuz they activate and chip you. I’d say jump straight up to try to bait the activation, when you see them walk forward, try to keep them out.

I look forward to seeing you guys this weekend for the tourney, should be a good one.

snap Sakura in then rush her while she has no meter.

But seriously, there are some different things I can think of off the top of my head.

Small jump just outside of st. RH range to bait, then IF they activate and whiff then you can punish the whiff. If not, then dash/jump back.

Since I know you use Akuma you can do like a quick block string that looks like they can activate through it, then just teleport out of the way before the gap of the blockstring.

With K Blanka I guess you could do a setup involving hops. Like, before Sakura gets meter or just about to, do cr. short x2 or 3, cr. fierce, hop back. Then when you get close again and she has meter, do some crouch shorts and charge, then since they’ll expect a cr. fierce to activate through, hop back after the shorts, if they activate after the shorts, back hop, super. If not, then just play keepaway/runaway.

Just throwing random ideas out there.

Random activate hurricane kick counters blanka’s back hop

Yeah but it’s always nice to have another option.

yeah like stop playing K and play A:tup:

jd super or dragon punch it. i usally rush her down when she has no meter , when she does zone her out and stay out the coner. I dont have proplems with a sak but then agian i only no one good a groover =/

:clap: owned!

Yea A-sak is a real bitch when you want to play K-groove. In my state though there’s only one a-sak player period, other than me, so it’s tough when i want to play my K groove team. Sucks that it’s the guy i always play as well.

turtle your ass off and don’t let her get in when she has meter. when she doesn’t have it, fuck her up. it’s not that complicated. the only way for her to get in is off of a jump in to guarantee the damage or to rc a hurricane kick in your face and watch what you do. otherwise, the activation is random/psychic and can be countered pretty easily. dp or super when you hear that ching and you should be ok. and i know i’m making it seem easier than it is, but it’s not like you have no way of beating a sak with k groove.

and instead of trying to bait her custom and run away, try and get her to activate on your jump in and let her try and hit you with the aa custom. you might jd some of it and throw her off making her lose a massive piece of the bar or you’ll take a lot less damge than you would have on the ground. minimize the opportunities for her to actually land the custom on the ground and take full advantage when her bar isn’t maxed because most popular k characters deal way more damge than she does until her bar gets filled and activation comes into play.

and if you are getting hit with a custom, mash a super. it’s a scrubby tactic but it works if they mess up, which is why k is the shit. :karate:

lol i can’t fucking sho sho sho for the life of me…

but uhhhhhh i guess with someone with an uppercut… like you can get hit by an activation anytime if you fuck up and try to hit him and he activates

but if you’re getting chipped to death or whatever
stay out of block animation… and then when they activate

either do an uppercut… or jump back

so that way, it’s 50/50 as to whether or not you get hit by that stupid custom

like… after uppercutting through their activation a few times, they’ll start rolling or whatever or just sit there and wait for your uppercut… so jump back or like throw their roll or something i guess

you can’t really do much against SAK, it really sucks… but you can always get 2 K supers in one round… so it’s all good i guess?