Tricks to beat AI Gill

In general - If you aren’t good at parrying, don’t jump in. If you are, prepare to parry twice before counter-attacking. On wakeup, always try to wait till Gill gets completely up and activate some sort of move with invulnerability, since Gill loves to stick out a poke on wakeup. Almost every character has a super that fits the bill.

Character Specific Tricks

Alex - 90% of the time, Gill will try to block the StunGun so always try to tick and then activate the super. SOMETIMES he will knock it out. Boomerang Raid does work as Gill wakes up. Whenever Gill jumps in, abuse f.fp.

Akuma - constant fp SRK on Gill wakeup, or SAII if you want.

Chun - SAI works as the wakeup super. SAII won’t work, but its too good to not use it. Standard Chun turtling will work wonders. Build meter, till it connects.

Dudley - help needed on this, I don’t play Dudley much.

Elena - Same, but I’m sure her dp kick and SAII will work good on Gill wakeup. I’m not sure though as I never pick her.

Hugo - unless you rock with him, don’t go with Gigas. Hammer Mountain will work best as the wakeup super. I have trouble getting Gill with Hugo so more tricks would be appriciated.

Ibuki - No clue, sorry.

Ken - easiest to beat Gill with. Knockdown, and stand next to him. Wait till Gill stands completely up, fp SHORYUKEN! Repeat till dead. Gill might parry the first hit but will always, ALWAYS eat the rest. Pick SAII to get rid of him faster.

Makoto - SAI is best for the wakeup trick. Whenever Gill goes for the overhead air - knees move (sometimes easily seen by seeing Gill dash forward and back twice before doing it), activate Makoto’s Fukiage, fp if you can, then juggle with a simple standing mk, dash and karakusa which will 90% of the time catch him. Massive stun which will help a lot.

Necro - second easiest to beat Gill with, as Gill’s AI just doesn’t work with Necro. Pick Electric Snake for the love of god. Stay back and range Gill at first. Gill loves doing random moves in the distance, so send a fp out whenever he does that. When he jumps at you, back fp -> downback fp. On wakeup, do a swinging blow move, and he’ll probably block it. If he’s standing, activate Electric Snake anyways, and he’ll eat it. Repeat, juggle into corner and do whatever you want to him. Stun and kill.

Oro - Whenever you have the meter, send out an SAII and don’t do anything else. Gill will likely just walk into the damn thing and eat it like a moron.

Q - On knockdown, capture and deadly blow, follow-up (dont reset) and repeat. Most of the time Gill will just block it, but once and a while he’ll wakeup clothesline which might hurt, but you’re fucking Q and you’ve probably taunted 3 times already cause the AI doesn’t try to stop them.

Remy - every jump in, flash kick. Gill USUALLY attacks late on jumps so he’ll get the flash kick instead. I think SAII works for the wakeup trick.

Ryu - the SRK trick doesn’t work as good since Ryu’s only hits once, maybe twice. Now you’d think Dejinn would work best here, but Gill will parry it if you send it from halfway across the screen. I believe using SAII on wakeup is the better choice.

Sean - might cause some troubles, but SAII/SAIII both work as the wakeup super.

Twelve - obviously, pick X-Copy and build meter till you activate it. Then RAPE! Plus you tehn get to hear Gill in a weird distorted voice. “KwNwEwEwLwBwEwFwOwRwEwYwOwUwRwMwAwSwTwEwRw!”

Urien - Reflector works the same as Oro’s SAII, with Gill just not realizing its there. Urien seems build to take down Gill. Do shoulder charges when Gill does his lagging whiffs at a distance, do unblockable setups on wakeup (or use SAI for the wakeup trick).

Yang - the main reason I started this thread, how to beat Gill on full stars with Yang. He doesn’t have a lot of power, and none of his moves really work for the wakeup trick. Plus low stamina doesn’t help. Any suggestions?

Yun - SAI and SAII work as wakeup tricks. But of course if you know how to use Genei Jin just go off and let Gill ride.

Feel free to add more.

With Oro, after a knockdown do a meaty cl. mp. so that only the second hit connects and cancel it into a mk. headstomp. Works every time, but make sure you time the cl. mp so that only the second hit connects…

With Dudley you have to knockdown Gill, then do a close range Cross Counter on wakeup… He’ll always hit the move with one of his pokes and take more damage than you.
Repeat this, when you have meter, Rocket Uppercut or Corkscrew Blow him on wakeup, very easy fight overall.

Alex: tick powerbombs, throws, and even spiral DDTs (when else will you ever get to use it?) all day.

No tricks for Yang?

not sure how it works on console, but if you’re in the arcade and you’re fighting Gill using any of the Shotos, just make sure you’ve got more life than him then retreat about half a screen distance. then crouch and just mash on c. short. as in don’t stop. Gill will just sit there and bob up and down :lol:. too good. keep at it 'til time runs out.


i found dejin ryu to be the easiest because he builds up super really quickly and wake up gill never parries the whole thing…j. hp, s. hp, lk hurricane and if he blocks uppercut xx dejin seems to work wonders for me. And he seems to always fall for an uppercut after a blocked UOH

I’ve beat Gill on the hardest difficulty with Chun, by getting him in the corner, and doing [c.lp, lk spinning bird kick] times infinity (just gotta time the jab quickly) to chip him to death.

general tactic is
with any character just be on the defense and pick your most damaging super. parry his flying kicks and knees and punish, with super if you have one charged. he tries a clothesline, block and throw (he recovers quite quickly here). resurrection is cheap but try to ex or super him while he doing it. he probably wont but if he taunts, super. it takes off A LOT!!! :wgrin:

Ken SA3, don’t jump to often. Gill’s speed decreases shitloads when just playing a ground game; and doing so you can actually rush him down into a corner.

c.MK outside of his range: often enough he’ll try to cancel out your whiffing c.MK, since his c.LK takes about 1 frame to come out your c.MK will hit him and you have a free super. Don’t use c.HK and c.MK when both of you are in idle state, but if you catch Gill doing something stupid be sure to land a HK type attack or you’ll be short on meter later on.

With that drive him into a corner and hit him with (close)MP->srk(,karasrk). Don’t cancel it or he’ll block the entire string. When you think he no longer falls for that joke: dash outside of his range, c.MK XX SA3. Another option is jump over with (fake) crossup -> throw.

Apart from the above, you should be able to play your normal Ken game. Gill only responds to c.MK and c.HK with his c.LK and c.MK, so using c.P will usually be fine.

This is how I beat him on ps2.

…You don’t have to do kara SRK on cornered Gill. Stop making shit up and making it sound like Gill is an actual person. Fake crossups? Dashing outside of his range? Fuck that shit, it’s the CPU.

With Ken, just get him in the corner and do 2 jab SRKs over and over. When he gets up he always attacks so wait a few frames and hit him out of it. Why do fierce SRK when it does less damage?

You’re not becoming a better player doing this, but you weren’t going to become a better player playing the CPU anyway.

I just told you how I beat him, it’s not open for discussion of any sort…

I use (close)MP->srk midscreen too, after which the kara srk becomes usefull.

Make sure you beat him first round and DON’T let him get a full bar, regeneration is an absolute bitch. If you lose the first round, chances are you’re going to lose full stop.

Ya’ll are some scrubs.

And why’s that? I just wanted to make a list of all the tricks to beat AI Gill, whats the problem with that?

I once saw an akuma player do the uppercut kick throw move to gill in the corner multiple times. If someone could test that for me that woulde be great.

I sorta accidently discovered this…but i think the AI Gill actually loosens up and gets easier after the 20th-something continue or so. You’ll know this if he is constantly doing his Personal Action taunt (the laugh) and not blocking. Geez. It just makes everything a bit too easy. I guess this was the only way i beated his ass with Q.

Gill starts to fall for alot of easy jumping HKs and HPs during this time in addition to sweep kicks and regular knockdown moves.

Hell no, its easy to beat Gill with Q. Keep charging, wait for Gill to do his random pokes from way too far that he loves to do so much and dash into them. When you got him knocked down, just keep doing capture and deadly blow on him again and again, he’s block it 90% of the time and eat it. 10% of the time he’ll do the closeline to get out of it, but you’re Q, and you probably got your 3 taunts in since Gill doesn’t try to stop it.

With Difficulty on 1

Chun-Li: SBK (HK), either he wont block it or he wont punish u. Do it until he’s in the corner, then when u recover from it, Lighting Kick, SBK repeat. Then once u get bar do a super in place of a Lighting Kick. Works wonders for me

Urien: Get to the very side of the screen, Keep throwin’ out Metallic Spheres (LP), either he will take it, block or parry and not do anything about it really. He will jump every now and then once he gets close, throw out a Aegis (LP), then he will get knocked back far away and continue the Fireball barrage again! In fact, he fell for this so bad I won the match by gettin the timer to run out! :smiley: OH YEAH GILL< TAKE THAT IN YO FACE BEEYATCH!

Remy - you can throw out a LOV’s back-to-back for like 5 seconds then he will say fuck it and rape u for it.

chun cr. rh. > most of gil’s attack. i’ve been him numerous times just doing that over and over again. just sit, wait til he comes to you, then cr rh. he falls. rinse repeat. or be daring and walk up (with cr rh attacking distance) to him after he’s down and do it again with him on get up. yeah, if you’re looking for easy trick, this one’s the easiest IMO to win against gil.