Tried to replace cherry micro switch from IL/happ stick, and failed. Soldering?

YES! Now it works, but … still I dont know why this happened and why I cant use the previous configuration ( the black wire was ALONE soldered to the top end of the switch. )
EDIT: I guess like someone here previously said, the blue wire was kinda lose so when I opened the stick to change the cherry switches I didnt see that blue wire attached to it ( where it was supposed to be in the first place ).
The problem was just that the blue wire was lose then. Damn I feel like an idiot.
Thank tech gurus for the help. =)

Dont want to open a new topic and thats here the only one with “Cherry switch” in the titel.

How is the size of the quickconnectors, which connects the cable with the switches? I want to use them for IL Competition buttons and an IL Eurostick, both using cherry switches, thanks.

the QD’s for these types of switches are .187. This the standard size for microswitches on joysticks and Happ Style buttons