Tried Various Sites, NOTHING WORKS, fighting Akuma SFA1


i cant fight him, i am playing arcade verison, i tried the following as quoted off gamefaks

"You can only fight Akuma on the first stage!

Note: Do not pick any of the secret characters.

Highlight the character you want to play. Press and hold down start, strong and forward and wait until Akuma"

WTF… can someone clarify these instructions, I was able to get me and my buddy to fight bison in a dramatic battle but need your guys help to fight akuma

i also tried, holind start, HP MK like another site suggested to no avail…

also i beat the game with RYU without losing a round and after the credits it said “a new challenger has entered” but there was no fight and no new characters, another WTF


What system are you playing this on?


arcade, guess imma hafta do i the hard way, 10 special victories. cant lose a round either


I just tried this myself and it worked. I highlighted Rose and held down start+med. punch + med. kick and then just used jab to select Turbo on for the speed. Went to fight Chun and Akuma showed up. Wish I had some more info for ya, I looked through all the dip settings and cannot find a way to disable this “cheat/extra”.


Its cool thanks, i got to him the hard way… ppreciate it though