TriForce and Rico Suave altercation


I thought the name calling from both Rico and TriForce was immature, and the instigating from other people in the conversation (sidecomments) was annoying since they were just adding fuel to the fire.


Who the fuck are they and why should i care?


You didn’t even post your own thoughts or introduction to the incident. So how is anyone else. fuck it.

Hammer don’t hurt them
Triforce don’t hurt them!

Strong Arm Steady
Pimp Hand Strong

PowerGloveHand Stinky


Now I did


Unless blood was spilled


Let’s hope Triforce never gets a hold of this or we’re all in deep shit,


We have a video forum and perpetuating FGC drama in the GD forum isn’t a good look. I bet you spend more time in TMZ comment sections talking about how “ratchet” (hate that term) Miley Cyrus is than you do on SRK

Gossipy ass niggas. If ever there was a prime anecdotal example of what the problem is with the post SF4 crowd.


I wouldn’t give much attention to triforce.
Here’s a guy who wants to get taken seriously in esports, and all that jazz and wears a powerglove.
Unfortunately, 10 years of chasing the dragon, he hasn’t quite gotten it down:


Wtf is esports?


I do actually shit dude


After having listened to him on that video, I really can’t imagine why. :rofl:


Didn’t watch the video. Heard about this from a friend.

Heard two parts:

  1. Some random whore is to blame
  2. Triforce making more out of it for attention

Like most conflicts, the girl gets to hide while the guys bury each other with their own stupidity.


Just take it to the cage. My money’s on Rico.


Rico is reasonably fit while TriForce has the body of a teenage single mother.


What is this term, I really don’t want to google it.


Can we please stop talking about Triforce?

The nigga lives in his own world, let him stay there.


Listen to this guy, the guy with a Tila Tequila av


Speaking of FGC drama, did Nina delete her Twitter account? I used to check it here and there for places to visit in Japan but it went up in smoke. Why?


Its the flavor of the month term that replaced calling a girl a “hoodrat” a couple yrs ago