Trinidad And Tobago! We Who Does Run Ting


I travel back and, forth from miami to back home and i never seem to find any one to play with or fight at the 2 or 3 arcades still there.

So i wanted to make a thread so, that all trini’s can come and ol’talk and start a fighting scene down there.

So here we can Match Make and suggest tournament ideas or just find other players to fight with.


Nice thread… Im also a Trini that sometimes go back and forth I been to many tournaments US and canada… good to see other trini playing… Im into cvs2 a3 st


Ya man nice to see that for really, I also play ST, CvS2, AH, GGAC and alot of other non popular games like the SNK one SS1,2,3,4,5,6 also WHP and alot of SNK.

Hell i’ll be up in canada for the canadian martial arts open next month. Would be nice to get some games in. Eh


Nice… Im in montreal be nice to play some games 1 day …just remember imma beast heh!!


^^ no you’re not :stuck_out_tongue: (hi prez)

anyways there’s a small portion of us who do play together, but we don’t do it regularly enough due to time and scheduling constraints. The tekken community in POS plays regularly and for the most part is the biggest community around. When we do play however, we play at a cafe in St. Augustine. Tournaments are few and far between but I’m working on that.

We used to play 3S, CVS2, GGXXAC & Tekken. Personally I’ll play almost anything capcom and KOF98 mainly on the SNK side of things. Hit me a PM when you’re down here and I’ll see what I can arrange, the challenge may not be the best though. Most of the other guys don’t really post much on forums outside of trinigamers forums anymore, but a couple are on GGPO nightly.

You coming for carnival prez ?


I’ll be down just after Carnival, i’ll be in tobago mostly for about two weeks but, i’ll take the boat there to play anything is good for me except Marvel.


ya i tryin to reach for carnival… hmmm you might you be spoonz


here’s a hint - arrr-beee


So i guess it dead there to as well Eh


check it, its orko


you in trinidad orko ?


spoonz. unfortunately, i am not.


Boi, cant wait Carnival just around de corner…You know i der


and sf4 drops around carnival woohoo


A yuh dont have a xbox360 tp play on man STHD is nice and yuh know SF4 is going to be the shit if you have on hit me up on it EH!!!


Nah I don’t have a 360 as yet, gonna get one sometime during Feb. I’ll hit you up when I do get it.


Isles you say ? We don’t bother much with tobago unless its Great Fete :stuck_out_tongue:

An SF4 cab can make alot of money in the mall up east (Trincity) due to the sheer number of people that pass through it daily to play all that old shit they got in there. Arcade Operators here just don’t spend money and still make a min with all those old shit games.

Capcom is using Ultima’s work? Got a link ?


Ya, Make sure you do there a few Trini players on there befor that i was playing people on GGPO…


hey ppl .prez…u play mvc2???


nah man i play a3, cvs1 & 2, 3s, sf4, sf st