Trip Guard Cancel Glitch?


This is the situation:

I am C-Ken playing against P-Sagat. Now my homie is a pretty efficient parrier. He parries all kinds of shit and bullshit. We’re playing footsies (or rather I’m playing footsies with his c.fierce), and I jump in with a very early Fierce (which hits between sagats head and chest). He PARRIES it, the proceeds to cr.roundhouse upon my landing. But upon MY landing, I do a Lv3 Shippu-Jinrai-Ken. The flash of the Lv3 pauses the frame and I see his cr. Roundhouse already completely extended! — and he eats my super! We are both pretty confused.

I’d like to think that possibly we both did our moves too late because it is the most rational, but… unless we both had a brain fart I highly doubt that. I’m not saying were the greatest players, but we’re both definately smarter than your average bear. Anyone care to shed some light on this matter? As this might be a fun little glitch to exploit. :evil:


If you did a level 3 that means you didn’t try to block right? In other words, you didn’'t try to GUARD his TRIP. The situation you stated has NOTHING to do with tripguard.

The nature of tripguard is that when you empty jump, you can land and block grounded sweeps (i.e. not off the ground sweeps like Terry and Chun Li, which connect before you touch the ground). You disable your tripguard by doing something in the air, like pressing a button or by air-blocking (ala Air-Guardbreak Customs). All this means is that you cannot GUARD against trips. You can still do instant moves, like the Level 3 super you mentioned. I’m pretty positive P and K can also parry/JD. The only option you’ve taken away from yourself by doing a mid-air move is blocking when you land.


If I empty small jump, when I land is my block instant or do I have recovery time. I am asking because the other day I did this and ate a super even though I landed and blocked, so I’m not sure if I accidentally pressed something or if my blocking was not instant.


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Ahhhhhhh Thank You Gunter!

I didn’t know what to properly title this as you can tell. Anyway, I was always under the impression that you cannot do ANYTHING if you do an early jump-in.

So that means early jump in -> DP would work, right? Sounds very interesting.


I was always under the impression that dragons, and the supers as such have an invincibility frames to them wich alow them to pass through moves that would otherwise have connected. In “theory fighter” ( the act of moves being able to constantly defeat anything else due to there invincibilty and extreme and inhumane percision timing ) the Dragon Upper should be the only move you ever need. Assuming you had godlike reflexes that alow you to use it a split second before any more connects. This of couse is not humanly possible, nor plausable.

The fact that you did the super means you touched the ground. Supers come out ( instantly? ) with invincible frames, and cause you have invicible you won over the initial sweep wich passed through you. Hence the leg.

As for doing an empty jump into the opponent, you can block the moment your feet touches the ground. But I get the feeling there are certain frames you can’t air block or standing block for that matter. Like a late Dragon? ( parry and jd still work ). But ya will have to get a better player to verify that.


I understand ALL that. I think Ive been playing long enough to “figure out” supers (esp. at Level3) beat out normals. :lol:

I just thought that any action you do in the air (whether it be Air Block or a normal) early makes you incapable of doing ANYTHING right after you touch the ground. Thanks for trying and replying though. :smiley:

Dragon Punches that are real deep cannot be airblocked because the shoto (or whoever) is still going to be on the ground… and as we know, you cannot block anything still on the ground.


:lame: Alright, useless info then. But it explains why the sweep passed straight through ya didn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure, but the real question is why did his super come out at all? I’m curious about this. I’m kinda hoping there is more to it than “that’s just th way it works”.


The super came out because he tried to do it. There is no system feature that makes you incapable of doing a super when you land from a jumping hit, as I explained earlier. Tripguard is the system feature that makes you be able to BLOCK LOW when you land from an empty jump. It has nothing to do with your own offensive choices. It is a defensive feature. You can do any move when you land from a jumping hit, but the invincibility of that move/frame-advantage determines whether or not that move will beat the sweep or not.


Dumb It Down A Little More:

Tripguard = Anti Block Feature.
Super = Instant Invulnerablility.

Moment feet touch the ground super is available, with invincibility. Do it fast enough, evade the sweep.

If you tried to block the sweep, you would have eaten it.



Wrong. Tripguard is a BLOCK feature. It ALLOWS you to block.


Agh, your looking at it from the other perspective. I look at it like an “anti block” feature because if you do a move in the air it doesn’t alow you to block.

Your looking at it as a “if you don’t do a move in the air it alows you to block” so you call it a “Block Feature”.

We both mean the same damn thing. :evil:

I must admit thou, that your perspective sounds far more correct than mine. I’ll use it that way from now on. :smiley:


When you do something in the air, you DISABLE tripguard. You return to how SF was before tripguard was invented. In ST and games prior to that, if Honda jumped over Ryu’s fireball, he could NOT block when he landed. It was a free sweep for Ryu. Obviously, this is incredibly in Ryu’s favor, so in the Alpha series(perhaps even prior, in the Marvel games maybe?) tripguard was installed to prevent bad matchups/stupid strats such as this. It is not tripguard that makes you unable to block when you land. That is the true and original nature of SF. Tripguard MAKES you able to block.


My perspective sounds correct because it is correct. I didn’t make up the term or the feature, I just know what it really means. People nowadays (most of them not around when the games that DIDN’T have tripguard were popular) don’t know the true meaning of the word.


Thank you Mr. Gunter, I was about to say the same things :stuck_out_tongue:
and at Evo can we have some casual Gief matches?? I know being as there will be about 1000 people trying to get some casual in with you, it might be difficult… But I really wanna see your nasty Gief in person… l8r dudes…


I do not think I will be going to Evolution this year, due to summer school and job searching/work (if found by that time).


Ok ok, I’m not going to argue. But that is what I ment. I guess I just didn’t explain it right. * shrug * As for Street Fighter games that involve “Trip Guard” hey, I’m a tekken player for the last 4 years. Last time I played street fighter I was doing Invisible Throws with guile. :rolleyes: