Trip guard parry setups

While I’m relatively new to the game (less than 4 months but I’ve been with SF since sf1 with a 6 year hiatus between alpha2 and now) I’m experimenting with trip guard parry setups: wake-up pressure, dash back (or jump back) then jump straight up and bait the sweep (or any attack) on landing. As long as you don’t hit a button (attack) in the air, trip guard gives you the ability to either block or parry the instant you land, no matter how perfect your opponents timing. I’ve not seen it used much and I’ve caught some very good people off-guard (hehe no pun intended) with it. Thoughts?

  • Oisin

That’s a decent bet the first time it happens, though if you play very good players it won’t work often on them. They will just throw you when you land, or if its Dudley they can backswing blow and hit you.