Trip Guard

So I’m hoping to get some input on this because I seem to be a little confused.

From what I understand behind the mechanics of Trip Guard it works like this:
-If your oppent jumps and does not attack, he can land and then block any attack that he incurs.
-Should your oppent jump in and commit to an attack, upon landing if you were to sweep it would connect for a free hit because he has commited to an air attack and has a slight recovery upon landing.

Now without getting any more in depth to Trip Guard (i.e. the circumstance of parrying) that would be the general concept behind that, correct?

So given that, is there some special property or anything that I may not know about that Yun has with his Dive Kicks?

If Yun wiffs a dive kick in front of me am I free to sweep him or can he block instantly upon landing?

I seem to be having a lot of trouble punishing a poorly timed Dive Kick.

Which leads me to my next question being, Does Yun has a faster jump start up than everyone else? It seems hard for me to throw him simply by Yun jumping to avoiding everything.

Maybe I’m just being scrubby? I dunno… :sweat:

Any advice would be appreciated.

I am almost positive that Yun can either instantly or almost instantly block after a wiffed or a hitting dive kick.

With that said, it seems you must almost always play it safe in most cases after his dive kicks. If you think the Yun will jump again after the dive kick and try another dive kick…try to jump up and hit him first. Blocking and trying to grab/tech grab after the dive kick are also good options. But trying to blatantly attack and go offense doesnt seem like it is in your favor.

Dive kicks are instant-recovery. To defeat them cleanly you have to kill them at the source, before he lands.

The thing most people forget about dive-kicks is that despite the great priority and high speed, Yun/Yang are completely committed to the attack after they go for a dive kick. Any decent anti-air (uppercuts, Necro SA1, Hugo SA2) will blow completely through them for free.

N - Strike first, strike hard.

What if the opponent super jumps? Does that nullify his trip guard if he performs an action? Because I once parried another Ken’s sj.Forward and I tried for a c.ForwardxxSA3 but it got blocked even though it seemed like it should have hit.

when you parry it resets their jump status to “not attack”

Dive kicks most definitely have landing recovery just very little… You pretty much have hit them earlier then you think you can (if you see both their feet on the ground its already to late) aim to hit them right before/at the time you see the foot they dive kick start to hit the ground.