Triple Aerial Spheres vs Dudley

I saw a match of a Urien player juggling Dudley with 3 aerial spheres.
Has anyone juggled Chun Li with 4 spheres? There is a comment like that on youtube.

I don’t know, it depends on where was Dudley before the first sphere; this can probably happen.

I know that you can juggle Q with six HP spheres if you nail him with the 1st HP sphere if he jumps when cornered, or go for cr. HP, lk tackle and then 3 HP spheres.

The fierce Metallic Sphere recovery is so fast that you are safe on block, (meaning you can do it 6x in the corner, easy as pie). Though you never see people do it because obviously the 60 degree shot continuous juggling is only limited to corners, and then why settle for crappy damage when you can go about tackling, that is why it isn’t done. Though I do use it sometimes for flashiness when I’m playing against players whom I know I can win against. :wgrin:

Not even practical, don’t even bother.

Very true. 3 Spheres won’t even do that much damage. If you have the correct positioning and height on your opponent (Dudley) to land them in the first place, that means you also probably have the correct positioning and height to land anti-air Sphere => LK Tackle => LP Sphere => LP corner Aegis unblockable set-up. If you don’t have enough meter for the Aegis, just finish them with either standing FP or a MK Tackle (I’m pretty sure that works). Spheres, whether they hit or not, don’t do that much damage, nor do they build that much meter. Remember: Urien is all about the meter. He’s pretty much all defense until he has one. Therefore, the faster you can obtain meter the better, and Tackles (especially when they hit) are probably his best special meter builder, with standing MP and FP being his best normals.

I’ve “found” a sort of way after watching a video on Youtube.
This works against cornered SAI Dudley.
When he performs SAI (3 uppercuts, sort of shoryu reppa), parry the last uppercut (4 parries) and immediately throw an HP Sphere, then MP Sphere, then LP Sphere.
This should be quite “fancy” :rofl:

iirc, you can juggle everyone with 6 spheres.