Triple hand slap

what buttons/order are used for the triple hand slap?

fierce, strong, jab. Opponent must be crouching

Ive yet to catch someone crouching, but supposedly Hugo when dizzy is crouched.
So I guess if you rock Hugo vs Hugo and manage to dizzy em, you can give it a shot.

Well you can do 2-hand slap on a standing opponent. Fierce clap > Jap clap. Then you can EX clothesline if you want.

The major problem with all this is his fierce clap is so slow on startup they’ll probably see it a mile away. :frowning:

Neutral grab away from corner is always a good time to taunt.

I’m sure its possible, you just have to do the clap late.

ultra throw -> clap -> backbreaker works.
In the corner I get it to work often.
I cant recall if its a jab or fierce clap, but I know the backbreaker never works if RH, which is what most people would be using.
And Ive gotten it a handful of times in midscreen.

ultra throw, late fierce clap into megaton press works decently as well.

But if your aiming for a taunt, wont ultra throw be enough.

The clap in that combo is a bit pointless since with or without it does the same damage. In terms of taunt set-ups, neutral grab allows for more stun.

when u are facing the corner, ultra throw, jab clap->short back breaker works on most people, u can use strong clap against some characters as long as u do the clap late… i think it doesn’t work on yun/yang since they float in a strange way

u can connect a forward (MK) back breaker off a clap in mid screen if they are in the air when the clap connects, or if they get launched by the 3 hits of an EX clap… should work on every char…

personally i always use short/forward back breaker since they all connect the same as a roundhouse back breaker if u time it right anyway… and if i do mess up on the back breaker i won’t do a flying ass/drop kick and leave me open for hits for a long time… and i always use short ultra throw for the same reason

best stun combo for hugo is in corner, ultra throw, fierce clap->forward fierce… hard as hell to connect but does more than 50% stun on every character… and it looks very cool :smiley:

I didn’t know that. I must try this out. pulls out the DC and mas stick:smiley: :cool:

Also could someone tell me Hugo’s stun juggle combo in the corner PLEASE?!?!?!?!?!?!?:confused:

The stun combo you are refering to requires the opponent to be on the verge of dizzying. With the opponent near the corner perform a move that will throw them into the corner, such as wall throw or neutral-throw, then follow up with 5 f+MP. You can substitute the 5th slap for either an SA2 or a backbreaker.

If you are using SA2, have 2 SA bars stocked up and in the final round you could always waste both bars on a 20 hit combo that does “very” little damage. Basically make sure that the opponent is again near dizzy and near the wall. Grab with the neutral throw and choke for the full 8 hits, once Hugo lets go pull off WK-SA2 for 10 hits. By this time your opponent should be dizzy, repeat for the full 20. Like i said, this combo does very little damage and is only used to take the piss :smiley:

Thanks buddy. I’ll try it out now.:cool:

here’s the corner stun combo that i like to do

neutral throw (dizzy), standing jab, standing strong, standing jab, standing strong, standing jab, crouching jab -> mk back breaker or sa2 or lariat or sa3 for 1 extra hit sometimes (i forget since i never use sa2 or sa3)

this gives u 8 hits (neutral throw) + 7 juggling (including back breaker)

u can then get 8 more hits (neutral throw) + jab reset or sa2 for a few more hits

feels good to get 20+ hit combos with hugo :smiley: :smiley:

for the wall throw, fierce clap->forward fierce combo… try it on chun li/makoto first as they are the easiest to juggle… it also works on shotos and remy as i’ve done it in matches before… might not work on yun/yang, dudley and some other characters

Yahooo!!! I managed to pull it off on Chunners, more practice methinks.

Wow that a dope combo, but doesn’t that combo take less than the 5 f-strong punches? If this does take more damage than the other combo then does it also put more stun on your foes? Because I will do a combo that takes alittle less Life damage for more stun damage.:cool:

The combo with the WP and MP will only work while the opponent is stunned, this means that the stun bar won’t fill up. If you want a combo that does a lot of stun, go for the ultra throw>fierce clap>f+HP which will do 50% stun.

Imagine if you stunned someone with that combo, you could repeat it and they would have 50% stun again :lol: what a bitch :slight_smile:

yeah… mine and the 5x MP combo only works when they are stunned… i like to use jab->strong because it works on everyone… the 5x MP one might not work on people that don’t juggle as high… and it’s pretty easy to get someone stunned with neutral throw if u connect a few claps and dash in-> kara throw

is the hugo kara throw same as everyone else?