Triple Penetration Godlike Tournament #3 @LG - Toronto, Ontario - March 22


  1. king
  2. jay
  3. don
  4. louie
  5. cyrus/jabir
  6. daniel/nazir

Marvel: (round robin)

  1. quan
  2. cyrus
  3. jabir
  4. sky

Props to the new blood i saw. good shit, keep at it.
Thanks to nazir for joining 3s so we could run it.

stephen and nazir were the only 2 who played ggac (of people i knew), so there was no tourney there.

I just want to note that I wont be holding another tournament for a long time, and if and when i do, it will be at Orbit instead.
I’d like to thank the manager at lovegetty; very helpful and prompt in helping us set things to event mode. However, the lack of support from players has seriously made me rethink the whole formula.


gg players always support the scene


wow that name


After all that “why isn’t GG at evo talk”…

we ended up playing casuals with the 5-6 of us thats all…

:rolleyes: You’re giving up after three tournaments? :rolleyes:

Anyway, I didn’t say much in the tourney thread because it’s your tournament but you really need to understand your player base better.

You booked a tourney at Lovegetty before actually getting an idea of the Guilty Gear community would show up. They run the show there and are always the group you go through first.

Secondly if you want a 3S tournament on a Saturday you don’t go to Getty, you go through Playscape. Getty you hit up on a Friday. Playscape you hit up on a Saturday. Why? Because the majority of players who’d enter the 3S tournament are natually inclined to Playscape anyway whether because of the tournament or casually in Pacific Mall. Lovegetty, for how great it is, is really out of the way of the Markham/Toronto player base.

Marvel is no longer played in tournaments because Shaun spoiled everyone with his casuals. I wish I was kidding but that’s the honest truth. Why would the Sauga guys bother to hit up Playscape anymore on a Friday or Saturday when they can hit up Shaun’s apparently (I haven’t been there) insane basement and play Marvel + Guitar Hero whenver they want?

You really need to promote better. Triple Godlike Penetration is such a turnoff of a name. Also, you’ve picked up a rep as a director who doesn’t show to his own tournaments. Now I might sound hypocritical saying that as I’ve done it before but I had just a liiiiiittle cred to go with it. Dropping out after your third tourney (of which you bailed on one, and re-scheduled the second) isn’t good for business.

Oh yeah, don’t book tournaments in the suicide period of university students.

agree, LG = friday tournament, sat. = playscape tournament
thx for hosting this event

Like I told you before when you were making the thread, if the date was up to me then GG would have definitely gotten off the ground. As for the lack of support for 3S/MvC2, that’s your ball game not mine.

OMG just OMG… no seriously OMG, its easter. :open_mouth: astonishment!

seriously student suicide + passover.

Seizures, LG friday tournament!

yea I honestly think it was just a bad day to run the tourny, any other day would have been better.

seriously, if people thought it was a bad date, someone should’ve spoke up ALOT earlier so Cyrus could’ve re-scheduled.

i dont buy this bulshit about posting it earlier, or the fact that it wasnt a good day.
i posted this thread on march 5th, over TWO weeks in advance.
if people came on the thread and said they wanted the date changed, i wouldve been more then happy to. the time that youre referring to where i postponed was exactly BECAUSE of such an occurence. (it had to do with a major clashing with it).

and if someone could kindly point to me which tournament it was that i was supposed to direct but didnt make it to (that actually GOT OFF THE GROUND), i would realy appreciate it. i thought that whole nonsense started as a lame joke, but now its obvious people think its a concrete event that happened.
who knows i may have lost my mind and it did happen. either way, show me the money thx.

edit: oh and i’ve directed 6 tourneys by my count.

thats soo 2 unrelated topics

Your own thread title says #3 in it. I can’t recall the other three tournaments but I probably wasn’t in attendance.

Two weeks notice really isn’t that much time. A lot of people have work schedules that are set up to a month in advance if they’re doing part time work. In many cases they can’t re-schedule. Hell look at your missing NLDIV because of scheduling mishaps.

I would suggest at least a month’s notice if you plan to take another shot at it. There’s a possibility I may organize an ECC tune up for May 10th. I would be very grateful if you wanted to co-run that tournament (assuming I actually organize it).

I was more joking than anything else.

About the date i know that communication between players and directors would be awesome but lol i didnt even know it was good friday or pass over or easter lmfao, i dont think dice knew either, nor did julian as we were all planning to attend. Honestly though its my opinion that the responsibility for the date should be on the directors shoulders, as a rule of thumb christian serious holidays like pass over should be avoided (its like the backlash from chrismas lol). But yeah running tournaments is hard, except for nazir and justin lol. TO wont let these guys retire lol

people need to stop ragging cyrus. Honestly no one has the right to rag on him. If there were these glaring flaws someone could’ve spoke up ahead of time. When people said they could come, one would assume that they’ve actually checked their schedules…and notice if they have important religious holidays.

normally i’d think if you put up a sign at least a couple weeks in advance, there would be more 3S players even if it’s lovegety. but now i don’t know because the main three that joined (excluding jay) would’ve told their friends about it and usually that’s enough to do the trick. maybe there was such a long break from tournaments that they forgot about them or became disinterested. miscommunication ftl. this is bad news for anyone who plays 3S and AC because it looks like those scenes are always gonna be separated in terms of getting decent numbers at tournaments.

So you’re saying I wouldn’t have told my friends? or are you implying that I don’t have any? If it’s the latter, well… I guess you can consider whatever we had… FINISHED.

Besides, I didn’t want to join anyway. Cyrus promised a handjob and Mcdonalds, so I had to take it.