Triple plinking Gen BnB



I was in the lab and it seemed that its easier to land BnB when the HP is triple plinked. can anyone confirm this


I rarely get to practice, but I don’t think it should matter. Infact, sliding from HP to MP to MK seems the best method of doing the bnb.


sliding? How? And how fast? I now plink it and it works quite well… but is there any other method?


What I intend to work on is pressing lk>lp> and then sliding my index finger from Hp to Mp to Mk and while i do that i press forward, forward and during the mk animation press lk for gekiro.

The reason why this should work is because sliding this motion fast enough will keep the target combo going at the speed it needs to come out. Target combos take priority after the first hit, so unless you happen to press mp and mk at the same time you should get target combo 2 and have plinked hp.

This is theoretical though, i dont get much time to practice between my FGC nights.


When I do cr.LK -> cr.LP -> TC2, I do plink of HP~MP with my ring + middle finger, then I proceed to press MK with my thumb, without plinking. I was thinking if the button presses are similar to what you’re suggesting here.


I use the method of street11, too…


how you guys play on stick is beyond me lol!


maybe you should get one! It will help you improve or motivate you more if anything.

I personally use cr short (index) cr jab (index) Fierce + Strong plinked ( Ring - Middle) Forward (middle) Lk gekiro (index) short x5 (index) or roundhouse x 7 (pinky)




I tried to practice this today and had extreme difficulty. I was doing the motion several different ways, but the only way I could achieve the plink* input according to The training mode input window was when I pressed both hp>mp with two fingers almost simultaneously. No other method seemed to actually execute plinking, and without the slide I was unable to incorporate the mk of TC2…

Keep in mind out side of mp>mp plinks for a couple characters, I never use plinking.

How do you guys slide your fingers fast enough for plinking and manage to hit the mk? I find myself literally sliding an arc from Hp to mp to mk and having no success. The target combo comes out but its not fast enough for a plink.


Now I am thinking of using a triple finger input with my middle finger hitting hp first, pointer to mp second, and thumb on mk third, and moving the thumb to lk for gekiro.

… as in I use all three fingers to hit the buttons almost simultaneously like… similar to a kara throw input. Thoughts?

(I should write a joystick input online class for SRK, Gen style… lol)


I think you’d run the risk of hitting focus way too often. Hell, sometimes when I’m not playing at my best I get s.HP > Focus when I’m plinking HP+MP (ring and middle) then wait a sec and hit MK with my thumb. Just my two cents.


what’s wrong with the method I posted before?


Is it possible after lk lp to plink with hp and mk?


yeah its possible