Trish TAC Infinite + Unblockable setups



With the discovery of the TAC infinite, there has been some talk going around about Japan hoarding secret tech with it, including unblockable setups.

My first suspicion on this is probably the obvious conclusion. Gain 5 bars and kill with Trish infinite, do some ridiculous round harvest DHC into a setup/character who can unblockable with it (Firebrand) and rinse repeat. With certain combinations you could possibly make this even more powerful, here is a base team for starters to get some ideas going. I’m not a Trish player so feel free to chime in on anything I’m missing.


The team members are pretty interchangeable.

Advantages of:

Zero: Possible to make them guess twice maybe even three times on the TAC. Great character without need of too much reliance on assists. Solo corner carry.

Firebrand: Easy unblockable setup with round harvest > luminous body. You would only need to do the DHC once, the second time the unblockable needs to be setup you can do any DHC + x factor and that would be game, though using xfactor this way might not let you benefit from doing two TAC guesses. Also has easy solo corner carry.

Morrigan: Meter gain, with Viper this means more ex seismos into death, and its an easy assist to throw into combos ensuring you TAC into your third character, presumably Trish. Also can make them guess twice on TAC if you choose to use her on point.

Sentinel: Good assist, can do an infinite of his own if needed.

Dormammu: Same as above, and can also help set up an unblockable with fireball hyper. Firebrand works with it just as well.

Viper: Might be able to setup unblockable as well, is a good character to use all that meter with, has easy corner carry. If you raw tag to her perhaps after Ammy slow down or some other whiffed/setup super like Dorm, you could save your xfc for making them guess on TAC.

Taskmaster: Can also potentially setup unblockable. Might even have a potential infinite off TAC as well, still trying to work out the kinks in his.

If anyone finds good unblockable setups feel free to post them here. Remember using all that meter to setup one unblockable is totally practical now considering the infinite gets you enough for it.

UMvc3 Trish

You should at least add the notation and videos for the infinite since most people wanting to learn it are probably going to see this thread and click on it.


hmm, unblockables huh? The major advantage of tac infinites is guranteed damage + meter gain. For instance, tac infinite with x23. say like, magneto, x-23, dante in that order. You land a hit, succeed into tac, you infinite that character to death, then use the meter gain to land an unavoidable unblockable with dirt nap. In x 23’s case, you can then use x factor and follow up the level 3 enough to build up the sixth bar to gurantee unblockable the last character.


so i recently found this advanced version of her TAC but im having problems getting her close enough to the floor where i can jump and start the loop.


As far as unblockable setups go, does anyone know if it is possible for c.viper to have enough time to charge hers with low voltage? C.viper is not a character im familiar with but would like to learn her.

I was thinking of playing Trish(Low Voltage) C.Viper(OTG) Dr.Doom missiles. I would play ammy, but I just dont enjoy her all that much.


low voltage won’t work for locking them down for a unblockable setup. takes too long to come out and it’s not that huge of a blockstun. Compared to obviously beams (iron man, doom) or multiple hitting assists. (ammy, frank, haggar, dante, etc.)


I’m transcribing these for me, figured I might as well share. (Grain of salt, I’m not 100% on these, but I’m failry certain they’re accurate.)

(From this vid)

f. - falling
dj. - double jump
Dash df / f - Dash down-forward / forward

Corner Down:
MMHdH trap f.LM [dj.MMHdH fly LMH trap LH Trap f.LH j.MHdh trap LM]xinf.

Corner Side:
Dash df dH trap f.LH j.MMHdH Trap f.L [djf.MMHdH fly LMH trap LH trap f.LH j.MHdH trap f.LM]xinf

Corner Up:
trap Dash df HdH fly [LMH trap LH trap f.LH j.MHdh trap f.LM djf.MMHdH fly]xinf

Midscreen Up:
Dash df dH trap [f.LH j.MMHdH Trap Dash f… (until cornered)]
(after corner) j.MMHdH trap f.L dj.MMHdH fly LMMH trap LH trap f.LH etc. (back to normal corner reps)