Trish vs bad matchups

Whew. I’m getting my ass HANDED to me.
The ones that really fucking me with a chainsaw at the moment : Arthur/Doom

I’ve had to sub out Amaterasu for Morrigan meter boost so I can punish Doom otherwise I dont have a fucking CHANCE.

All Arthurs projectiles eat through low voltage. DoomMissiles keep her out out the sky.

These two characters are breaking down the central connection of all my teams. I can demolish one alone, but together its just ridiculous. And he can hit confirm into super on everything because the hitstun is so severe.

Yikes. If low voltage had more priority this wouldnt even be an issue.

How do you fight Chris with Trish?

Yeah, I don’t see how Trish can handle Arthur/Doom combination. Only thing I could suggest is to rush him down with AID or divekicks and try to catch Doom assist with your assist or super on reaction. You could also try to get in with Super jump > Fly > Dash > Dash > > Divekick.

By the way, Ammy can also give meter with Bloom assist.

vs Arthur/Doom-b

This is really reliant on how you call Trish’s assists, if she doesn’t have a ground covering assist or assist to help in zoning then this becomes a very hard fight. Your main goal is to push Arthur into the corner AND keep him there.

A simple technique though to start manipulating where the missiles land is to stand in one spot for just a little bit after the missiles have all been fired, then start making ground. So all the missiles land in the spot you stood still at. This will also work in the air. Arthur doesn’t have too many moves that will hit a superjump height Trish who is firing voltages at him. So keep your ears open and listen for the missiles. If you pause slightly after all the missiles have been fired, do an airdash forward or df and then do a d+H divekick. This will put you closer to Arthur and avoid missiles at the same time.

Round Harvest goes through everything once its out. So you can take advantage of Arthurs slow drop speed when hes jumping and Round Harvest. Even if he blocks it you can tag into another character and wavedash into his face for free since pushblocking Round Harvest doesn’t affect other characters.

vs Chris

I just rush him down. Theres no point in eating random grenades and magnum shots(they HURT) trying to play a range game.

The thing about catching Doom assist is that even IF I you hear him come in (sometimes he’s offscreen) its still a missile already in the air by then so Trish doesnt do enough damage to wipe doom assist out full screen without getting interrupted.

And the most you can do is superjump and dash, otherwise you’ll divekick right into an Arthur projectile.

All this team needs is patience, its just that without Morrigan boost assist Trish just doesnt have enough juice to quickly get rid of Doom before taking a significant amount of chip. I mean this guy has this team down to a science, and he blows his meter on Arthurs projectile assist if I get too close, starting me back at square one. But once I take Doom out, like I said his team falls apart. Arthur/Doom is easily the strongest projectile zoning team in the game, but its very “all or nothing” in that once either of them is done its a pretty big uphill battle.

I guess it could be worse. Storm/Trish/Amaterasu still seems to be a legit team, very hardcore zoning, its just that they can get lamed out by a team that can play a harder keepaway game. Unless you change the dynamics and put Ammy on point, still I like have access to the cold star assist, and I can opt to keepaway or rushdown with Trish almost at the drop of a hat.

Chris cant control horizontal air space so Trish is free to jump in the air, shoot down at him and lay traps over his head while you divekick.

Yeah dive kick into a mine.

I main Chris/Trish/Wesker and unless you have an attack that nullifies projectiles, you aren’t gonna beat Chris 1v1 with Trish.

The best thing to do is keepaway with air volts and attack when he starts chasing you.
You have to be very patient because hits like a truck and controls the ground very easily. Square dash with H might work as he is setting a mine because of the range but I don’t think it’s in her favor.

I’d say my personal hardest Trish matchupz are like Mag/Deadpool/Dante. Once Trish gets in on Mag I think its free, same w/ Deadpool. Dante the only thing that makes fightin him a bit harder than usual matchupz is cuz she can’t divekick for free cuz all Dante has to do is standing L into a mean ass damaging BnB. I usually play mid range w/ Dante and keep on the lookout for teleports and when I get a combo I try to make sure I can kill him.

Can someone help me out w/ the Trish v. Taskmaster/Wolverine matchup?

If we are gonna talk about Trish bad-match ups we need to do this in a 1v1 format.

I feel that Trish loses to a good amount of the cast. im gonna state all the characters I feel she loses to. I said this in a different thread but all the characters who beat Trish can 1. are not phased by her zoning. 2. have a better damage output. 3. have a better ground and air projectile.

Super Skrull
Captain America- to some degree.
Magneto- Her worst match-up by far imo
X-23- She can get around the zoning but damage is not better than Trish’s.

If you want I can go into detail on why each character either beats Trish or can give her serious problems.

I’m sry I wasn’t clear. When I put a “/” I meant the word “or”. Regardless I agree with that list, I actually feel like Trish isn’t as amazing as the “top tiers.” If played correctly with the right assists she can definitely stand toe to toe w/ her worst matchupz. I definitely would like insight on all the matchups you listed if you don’t mind Shakugan and also what Trish should do to swing the matchup in her favor.

Wesker- He can get around her zoning and he has a better damage output. His ground gunshot will beat out low voltage. Gunshot also stops peekaboo.

Dormammu- purification and dark hole stop her projectiles. He also has a better damage output. He does not need to rush her down so he cuts her options.

Zero- Now this is not really bad its pretty even but, his buster will stop a lot of things ie. All projectiles and traps(minus hopscotch). His little teleport dash will go over hopscotch. There damage output is about the same, but his mixup is better.

Super Skrull- Better damage can do that dive to get around zoning. Now I need to test this but I think you can set a peekaboo and stand under it and it should stop the dive punch.

Modok- His zoning just flat out rapes her.

Taskmaster- He beats Trish in every fashion of the game.

Captain America- Equal damage, but since he can throw his shield at different angles it makes Trish’s zoning very hard.

Dante- Better damage. Can out zone her in a sense. Has a teleport to get around traps.

Amaterasu- Has better ground normals. Her super makes her think twice about zoning and Ammy super punishes air dashes since it has crappy recovery.

Spencer- Can get in and stay on Trish. Has way better damage. Must I say it Bionic Arm will shut anything down that is done on the ground.

Wolverine- He is cheap lol. Crazy high damage. moves so fast that hopscotch does not slow him down. You can dive kick a peekaboo.

Deadpool-Same as Modok, but deadpool’s damage is way better.

Magneto- Her worst match-up by far imo. Just like taskmaster he beats her for free.

X-23- She can get around the zoning but damage is not better than Trish’s.

Phoenix- Can out zone her and has a teleport.

Arthur- Like deadpool and Modok will beat her from the other side of the screen.

Now if Trish wants to beat all these bad match ups you will need superb assist play and the ability to move around the screen to avoid assist and attacks. It seems simple but rather tough to do.

just because certain characters arent fazed by her zoning, have better projectiles or does more damage doesnt mean they beat her. dont fight fire with fire.

a lot of characters mentioned can’t even catch her or just gets flat out rushed down and out prioritized by her normals.

rush him down or stay above his head.

chris melee capability sucks ass. yes he has a shitload of hp and can hit like a truck but trish’s normals owns chris hard.

also, chris has a hard time against any character that has a fast air dash or anything that targets his head area.

I would like to know which characters can not catch trish in that list i posted. Please enlighten us

I don’t think Trish has any really bad match ups. She’s pretty solid all around.
I really don’t see how anyone beats Trish for free.

The only people who i said beat her for free are Magneto and taskmaster. All those other characters give her a hard time.

I have no problem discussing the bad match ups with you guys. I would just like you for to give reasons why those characters dont beat her. Just dont say the list is wrong and not give reasons.

I don’t know much about Taskmaster, but Trish’s launcher coupled with traps destroys any sort of approach Magneto wants to initiate. Superjump dive kick beats disruptor. Her damage output is lower and she cannot win air to air or ground to ground fireball wars, but she still controls ground to air and air to ground with her angled projectiles.
Mid range, trish rapes him with her superior ranged normals. Pushblocking her doesn’t mean much since her normals have so much range. Mag’s doesn’t really have a good anti air so there’s not much he can do about IAD> J.H except blow one meter on shockwave.

X-23 is a free match up for trish. Her approach options are extremely limited. She can go around traps, but it is not safe because of the massive range on Trish’s launcher. She also has very few options air to air and ground to air. Only time when she’s in a semi decent position is air to ground. The fact that X-23 NEEDS an assist to approach trish means you get to do some easy assist damage on the callout of a beam/projectile assist. Trish coupled with an assist like Jam Session totally shuts down X-23. Only way this match up can even be considered even is if she has hidden missiles support. She also doesn’t have a good answer to dive kick.

Wesker: This is not a bad match up. Ground gunshot beats low voltage, but trish can cr.m>low voltage to punish him. He doesn’t really get around her zoning, but he can somehow deal with it. Has an answer to dive kick though and is dangerous up close compared to most of the cast because of his 1 frame CG and his grabs which lead to massive damage and retarded resets.

namely spencer, arthur and captain america.


spencer can’t touch trish at all. he has nothing that’ll take her down from the sky and have a hard time approaching her due to her 8 way air dash, glyphs, air low voltage/super, double jump and flight. not only that, trish normals are faster and have more range than his. sure once in a while, he’ll get in and do some major damage, but overall, trish wins this one. just dont do throw any ground fireballs unless you have a level 3 stocked.


he has no ground dash, he takes damage worst than you and once the opponent gets in, he has a really hard time shaking them off. he can’t really touch trish either unless he have gold armor, then double jump and shoot arrows. just dont get into a projectile war with him on the ground.

captain america:

only thing he can really do is try to get lucky with a jumping hp shield slash to get trish down. like most characters, u just can’t shoot ground fireballs vs him. i think trish has better normals too.

I feel trish doesnt have too many bad matchups it’s more about adapting her playstyle to suit the match up. She’s pretty well rounded in most departments (main bad points being health and the not great lvl 3 xfactor boosts).

Against rushdown chars like wolvy/x23/zero pure keep away works a treat. With her traps, flight and round trip solid tools.

Against zoning chars like Arthur/Chris/Task rush down is good. It’s important to take advantage of the first opening. Can make your advances safer with careful trap placement, try to get above them and place a ground trap. Once your in keep the pressure on, make use of her air dash and double jump to mix up with your low dash L’s. (Yes I know getting on these chars isn’t always easy but she has great mobility with her air dash flight and dive kick)

Against bigger health chars Hulk/Thor/Tron and even Sent. Her keep away is enough but always be on the look out to punish some of them slow moves and convert into biggest damage you can.

Who I think her biggest problems are Dante/Wesker/Ammy all 3 have great mobility options, fast or long attacks and do big damage fast. You could probably add Mags in with this lot too but he seems a little easier to deal with because of his normals ranges (maybe thats just cus I have bad Mag experience).

I still think she has the tools to handle every one it’s just about adapting to the situation and good use of her movement.

Also she gets great use out of assists I didn’t want to go into assist strats for each point cus I think people need to build their own syngeries with the team they like and in the playstyle the use.

I use Task/Trish/Doom I find them all to be pretty versatile with great assist synergy (H.Shot/Peekaboo/Missiles). Still tinkering with the orders tho wich is always a good thing to try with your team.

Wall of text end. :rofl:

In no way shape or form do I think Trish has ANY advantage over Magneto. You can only do minimal damage to Mags while he is zoning without taking the risk of eating a s.lp --> death. If Mags has a lead on you while you’re trish, I see no reason for him to rush you down at all while he can just disruptor all day while throwing in shockwaves when he sees you dive kick at him.

this! don’t also forget once he have 3 meters your going to have to zone more cautiously seeing as he can gravity squeeze your traps on reaction. trish definitely lose this match imo.

Wesker is a good matchup for trish. Sure he can beat her on the ground, but trish is supposed to stay in the air so that really really doesn’t matter at all. Sure he can teleport, probably right into a trap you just laid, and this will happen over and over again while he’s trying to approach you. Wesker is ALOT weaker in the air and that’s where you should be pretty much the entire time, don’t see how this matchup is bad.

Magneto vs trish seems pretty even. Sure he outdamages Trish…but really, who doesn’t? he doesn’t have a clear way in unless you make a mistake which will cost you her life, but he can do that to pretty much any character in the game. A match between these two is a really intense mindgame where you condition him to think you’re going to do something that you have no intention of doing, Ie:divekick, trap etc then getting a little quick damage or a TAC to kill him. Feels really even once again but he really makes me wish that trish’s peekaboo could be used 4 times in one combo like his hypergrav.

Taskmaster i feel is a bad matchup…can’t really figure this guy out, it’s painful.

All big characters she can destroy, except sentinel seems to pop out of her hitstun unless you have roundtrip out. Rushdown characters with no projectile she destroys ie:wolvie,x-23.

I play amaterasu and also find it a pretty good matchup. Random fullscreen super hoping to catch you won’t make it a bad matchup alone, and it doesn’t even do serious chip.

Dormammu is a pretty hard matchup…ouch. I’ve never played against another decent MODOK, but i’m guessing it’s not all that bad.

Playing against a good zero involves trying to read which air option he’s going to use, then mounting the appropriate counter which is fairly difficult to do…not the best matchup but not as bad as taskmaster who i’ve found is her worst.

If you expect a dante teleport once you’re in the air, you have a great advantage. Honestly is might be close to even or slight advantage dante.

Superskrull gets owned by trish. Deadpool only has his upward guns to stop her really. Against phoenix it feels like a slight disadvantage perhaps, which is made up for by just getting her near death and then wasting time turtling in the air. I don’t see why everyone hates this character so much…why even risk killing her if she has 5 bars and x-factor?

Yea…that’s my experience with her on a MODOK and ammy team