Trish wish list



With all this talk of patching umvc3, what changes would you like to see for Trish? To be honest, I highly doubt there’s going to be a patch but it’s fun to speculate.

Here’s what I’d like to see. The following are balanced changes that I think would buff the character without making her broken.

  1. Hopscotch should otg:
  • It’s a glyph on the ground so logically it should hit characters lying on the ground. The bolt would pop them up into the air for a combo and this would allow Trish to get some meaningful conversions off her throws which is one of her biggest weaknesses currently. This would also create some incentive for people to use the hopscotch assist.
  1. Increase knockdown time on her ground and air throws:
  • this is to allow for hopscotch otg so she can actually convert off her throws
  1. Make her level 3 mashable for more damage:
  • All the other supers where someone’s getting shot with a gun are mashable so this should be too
  1. Significantly reduce the startup and recovery on all her low voltages OR increase damage, hitstun, and durability on her projectiles
  • her projectiles are ass and need a significant buff (both buffs would be a bit OD so either one would be cool with me)
  1. Round harvest only goes forward on hit:
  • right now this super travels so randomly, it makes follow-up combos very inconsistent for no reason at all

Stuff that I would like to see that probably isn’t fair:

  • give her back the ability to spam traps in the air like in vanilla (air hopscotch x3 was sooo good, how I miss it)
  • round harvest doesn’t go away when Trish blocks
  • increased durability, hitbox, and stun time on peakaboo
  • reduce startup of hopscotch from 15 frames to 10 frames (ie. make it come out at the same speed as peakaboo)
  • increased hit stun on all of her moves to allow for easier hit confirms and conversions at superjump height
  • reduced hitstun deterioration so she can have some swaggier combos (how is it fair that magneto can hit you with like 15 C’s per combo and trish only gets one relaunch?)
  • give her a beam move (imagine it looking like a single yellow version of strange’s bolts and make it the same command as bolts, ie. atk + S)


My two main things with Trish is that the hit stun on her normals and specials(specials in particular) is really,really bad. The amount of H’s she can have in her combos is so limited. For example if after a hopscotch I do a.H s.H c.H I can’t do another a.H once I launch them. So more hit stun is a must. Also her projectiles are really bad in terms of, well everything. Slow start-up , slow recovery, and very low durability points.

**Here are my list of changes to make Trish better: **

-Fix the direction in which Round Harvest goes when combo’ed into(Always goes in one direction in the corner)
-Low Voltage L, startup changed to 13 frames from 15, recovery is now 20 frames from 35, -5 on block and hit from -13
-Low Voltage M startup changed to 17 frames from 20, recovery is now 25 frames from 37, -10 on block and hit from -15
-Low Voltage H startup changed to 20 frames from 25, recovery is now 30 frames from 40, -15 on block and hit from -18

  • Every bolt from all variations of her Low Voltage special now have 5 durability points each from 3
  • Increase durability points of her Maximum Voltage hyper(Gimlet can go through all of it)
  • Round-Trip startup changed to 20 frames from 35, recovery is now 10 frames from 15, +2 on block and hit
    -Increase Round-Trip durability to 9 points
    -Increase hit stun on all H attacks and all specials , reduce overall hitstun deterioration
    -Increase hard knockdown state duration for ground and air throws, and overall
  • Allow Duet Pain to have an otg property
  • Peekaboo does less damage scaling, increased hitbox, -10 on block and hit from -13
    -Hopscotch startup changed to 15 frames from 20, recovery is now 20 frames from 25, 0 on block and hit from -2
    -Hopscotch has an otg property to allow for more combo potential and assist viability
    -Meter building on ALL normals and specials increased significantly

Here are some other changes to consider even though Trish doesn’t need them but they would be cool for Trish to have.

  • All H attacks and S nullify projectiles similarly to Dormammu’s normals
  • Air Raid startup changed to 15 frames from 21 frames
    -Hopscotch being able to be cancelled into normals
  • Switch Sign has 15 frames recovery and has 5 frames startup, Switch Sign M turns Round-Trip into a low ,sweeping around the opponents’s feet then returns to Trish, causes a soft knockdown on hit. (still returns in a very quick manner just like the original special)(Increased recovery to avoid unblockables from new Switch Sign M)
    -Round Harvest no longer goes away when Trish is in blockstun
    -Round Harvest startup changed to 15 frames from 20,recovery is still 10 frames OR startup left at 20 frames but recovery changed to 7 frames from 10
    -Round Harvest does less damage scaling
  • Round-Trip does less damage scaling
  • All Low Voltage variations have an otg property
    -Hopscotch has 5 durability points
    -Peekaboo recovery frames changed from 35 to 30
    -Peekaboo on hit lasts 4 seconds from 2 seconds
    -Peekaboo is projectile invulnerable similar to Nova’s Gravimetric Pulse H and Modok’s Barrier
    -Slightly increase the hitboxes of her a.M and a.S
    -Allow a.L into c.L to be chainable
    -s.H startup changed to 11 frames from 13, active frames changed to 4 from 2
    -c.H recovery changed from 22 frames to 19, 0 on block and hit from -3
    -a.H startup changed from 14 frames to 12, active frames changed from 3 frames to 5

All I really have for Trish. The first list of changes are what she needs to make her a better keepaway character and increase some of her combo potential. The list latter to that one is just to make her a little more fun to use, and to give her more tech to be discovered.


I agree with a lot of the changes you guys suggested, but the Hopscotch buff sounds a bit questionable. Would you want her to be allowed to get off a round trip afterward? That would make her 1mil combos much easier seeing that she wouldn’t have to rely on assists as much. I really like he idea of this move having OTG properties, but it should be done carefully.

My biggest concern for Trish has always been her lackluster projectiles and her hitstun issues. Fix that and I would be pretty happy.


The Hopscotch otg isn’t the most important thing Trish needs it’s really just ,like you said, good projectiles and more hit stun(less Hit Stun Deterioration). But if Trish isn’t going to do amazing damage AND has low health she needs to be a very viable zoner AND support. Currently all her assists leave more to be desired from a assist character. With the changes to her Low Voltage H she has a fast, highly durable, beam-like assist. And it would also be A LOT better since she would be getting more hit stun on it too. Her Peekaboo is by far her best assist and is used as a mix up tool, the only change I could possibly give it without making it too op is lessen the damage scaling and make the hitbox bigger. I would also really like if it were projectile invincible to make it act as a shield since not everyone can benefit as much off the assist as lets say… Wesker. I think that change would be too much though. And finally Hopscotch is left as her last assist and to be honest seems like a waste of an assist. So otg Hopscotch is there to make her a good assist character. Now I barely thought of otg Hopscotch into Round-Trip loops lol. Not to sure what they would be like with more hit stun… Hmm if it were that much of a problem round trip could still have at least 25-30 startup. She can’t cancel specials into specials so I wouldn’t see any other way this would be a problem.