Tritton Customer and Tech Support

Hey guys,
Just got a brand new Tritton Switchblade PS3/cell phone headset in the mail. My PS3 headset which came with SOCOM was killing my ear after prolonged use so I decided to get something comfy.

So excited, i charged the headset up, and the things barely holds a charge and will just get past 10mins before dying completely. I followed the instructions and charged it over night 2 nights ago. Waited for the headset indicator light to go full solid green. hooked it up to my PS3 and boink. dead in less than 10mins.

I am going to return it but I emailed them last night and havent heard anything back yet. Have any of you dealt with Tritton support? I am kinda miffed as I will not pay shipping to send this defective product back.

Thanks for the input.

I had some rotten luck with Tritton products in the past.
I had 2 Trittion gaming headsets fall apart on me, 1 in a weeks time, one right after the 3 month warranty expired.

Trittion products are not worth looking at if you ask me.