Tritton or Turtle Beach?


(Not sure if this goes in the right place.)

Which of the two brands provide the highest quality products?


Other details needed, price range, etc.


This should be a pretty helpful video
Basically it should be based on personal preference and which headsets deliver to your liking best.


If you can wait a bit, Astro’s coming out with a wireless version of their Mixamp which can then be paired with a pair of A30s (my preference) or A40s.


I would really want a pair of wireless A40’s but 250$ is out of my range (which is up to 129.99).

So basically its the AX-720 vs. the DX11.


I have owned the AX-720’s for over a year now, and I swear by them. The only problem some people have with them is that the surround sound is simulated. I never noticed the difference. I hear people coming around the corner in MW2, and isn’t that what most people want of a a headset these days, lol?


can someone tell me what these expensive headsets are used for?? LOL sorry for the beginner question.


I also own the 720’s for fighting games nothing but good sound but for fps a more submersive feel helps hear players around the corner its like surround sound some are simulated like the 720’s and some have multiple speakers in the headphones to produce surround sound


Sound quality that wont ruin your ears (especially compared to ear buds). Also some will have the option for 5.1 sound.


Tritton or Turtle Beach ?

Got for the Turtle Beach, I owned both. My Tritton, from normal use and care snap in half after 2 weeks.
To me (and others I asked locally) Tritton headsets are pure shit in a shinny orange box and a huge price tag.

I never had issues with a turtle beach head set, even their older budget headsets for the Xbox 360 or Ninte3ndo DS held up like champs. My Current Turtle Beach (PC head set) is AWESOME, the sound quality from the head phones is superb, the mic picks up my voice perfectly with out picking up on too much background noise. I paired the headset now up with a USB dongle I took of a logitech netbook headset and a adapter I picked up from amazon Converts two 3.5 mm jacks to a single 2.5 mm jack for Xbox 360 use.


so would i also be able to use these as mp3 headphones? and like ive never seen these before so where do they plug in?


If you want something for both gaming and MP3, I’d recommend these.


I have the tritton axpro the astro a40 and the turtle beach x4 and hpa2. The hpa out classes them all as far as sound whoren


So its 4 for AX720 and 3 for DX11.
I’m guessing Tritton is in the lead?


Heres a new video by WoodysGamertag he just released today. Its a video in which he explains in depth the different headsets along with the positives and negatives of each one.



From these reviews, I’m finding myself wanting a pair of Astros.


I own the ax 720, the price was good since the astro’s were really expensive to get. A bit heavy on the head, but you get used to it after a while. I also like the cross platform versatility of the ax 720, I use it for all my systems and sounds great in fps with the inline controls for voice chat. I had the PX21 and broke 3 weeks later, but that didn’t really annoy me as much as the hissing sound during quiet parts of movies or games. I usually get used to things like that but I couldn’t this time around.


I dislike the A40s. I like the A30s though. That’s just me.

As far as comfort goes on the TRITTON headsets, I prefer the 180s comfort.


I have the axpros, but i might as well smash them with a hammer, because after an hour of buying them, something screwed up and they don’t work with ANY CONSOLE. FFS bigg waste of money. The headphones themselves are decent, considering you need 5 different cords to hook them up, including a power supply. That little fucking dock thing that came with them doesn’t do shit all really. It s supposed to turn the sound into 5.1 dolby digital but it doesnt. i think thats whats screwed up. but i dont want to send them in because they were a birthday present, and they were broken within an hour of getting them. So they are completely useless to me. I don’t game a lot on my pc, and my pc doesn’t have an optical drive. they don’t work with anything that needs an optical, that includes digital with pc, any console, anything really. so after an hour of getting them they are sitting in a corner collecting dust. awful. and the sound isnt even good on them. my shitty old 20 dollar acer speakers actually sound way better than them.