Tritton Technologies SF4 Tournament - 12th of September - Wieze (Belgium)


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Tritton Technologies is kind enough to sponsor the SF4 Xbox tournament at Frag-o-Matic (11-13th of September, Wieze, Belgium). They are providing following prizes:

  1. - Tritton AXPro 5.1 (TRI-GA611) || - Your #1 e-sports shop twv 199 euro
  2. - Tritton Gaming Backpack (TRI-TC200) || - Your #1 e-sports shop twv 149 euro
  3. Tritton Earbuds (in-ear headset) twv 50 euro

Fee for attending the event on saturday (XBOX only) is 20 euros. For this fee, you can also bring your XBOX & screen, and hook up to our network to play in LAN. Displays can also be rented at the event.

You are also allowed to play one of the two poker tournaments (2pm and 9pm), with about 700 euro of product prizes.

If you want to go wild and play the whole weekend, weekend LAN tickets are 30 euros. For this ticket, you can also bring a full PC or laptop.

Please send your questions to (I’ll be listening & answering)


There’s nothing on the site indicating that there is a SF4 tournament for this event. Can you post a link to confirm.