Trivia for all Gen fans: Alt Costume 1

As we all know, Gen wears a color-changing mask in his alternate costume 1, but it has occured to me that no one really knows why it changes color. Here’s a little gem for all true gen fans to know; the mask doesn’t actually change color, because they are different masks altogether. Perhaps if you have noticed, the expressions on his masks might be different. This is an ancient “magic-trick” used by Chinese performers who perform in Japan, but rarely would you see one in America.

It’s called the art of face-changing, and here’s a video of a real-life performer in action:
(notice the similar black costume and hat that Gen wears in his alt costume 1)

The face changing starts at about 0:25 seconds, so you may start watching at 0:20.
At 0:25 he switches to Mantis mode lol.

No true Gen fan until you know this. :tup:

Guess I’m a true Gen fan, cuz this is old news to me.

Man I recall doing a favor for a friend in uni who studies History (lol, I know) and went to one of his east asian history classes to take notes for him while he was sick. I still recall this part vaguely, it’s called bian liang or something if I recall correctly which pretty much translates to face swapping or changing. Odd how I still remember it though it had to be triggered by the sight of this topic Never been much of a culturist/historian myself so naturally I found those classes rather…useless to be frank.

Gen Alternate Costume 1 is my favorite, i didnt know about this lol i always thought it was pretty cool to change masks depending on the stance. Mantis red representing the aggressiveness and a constand offence. and Crane blue representing the inner calm and Turtling.

Thanks for posting. I’ve played Gen since Vanilla and thought the masks were a tribute to some obscure kung fu movie I’d never seen.

It’s a cool costume but it feels pretty generous to broadcast my stance so brazenly.

moving your hands above your head isn’t brazen :wink:

I’ve seen a performance like this live a long time ago, it was pretty awesome.
I thought each mask also had a meaning though (in addition)?

Nice find! I didn’t know!

lolz so thats where it came from, cool :smiley:

still dislike that gen costume though :L

This is my default costume when I play. Only because it is so easy to get confused with the two stances when my Gen is knocked down on the floor (which happens a lot). You surely don’t want to try to wake up with an ex-gekiro in crane stance… I have learnt it the painful way.


Gen has the best costumes. They’re all cool. If this didn’t give away my stance I’d probably use it. Though I honestly doubt it really helps the opponent that much, but I’m paranoid.

How about this? Think of it as giving your opponents something to distract their minds with, wary opponents would be likely to go on the defencive each time you change mode while he’s knocked down.
This might just help rid you of that paranoia lol.