Trivia Video: Third Strike Characters Olympics Sprint

Which character would win in a 2000 pixel sprint?
All 20 characters are participating and they can use any move required to make the finish line in as little time as possible. Time is measured by frames and distance is measured by pixels.


  1. Everyone begins with max super art meters
  2. Can only input commands after the time starts ticking, that includes charge moves
  3. Time does stop during the super art freeze
  4. They finish the race when any part of their body crosses the finish line

Who is your money on? Ready for some surprises and perhaps lame wins?

And the winner is… (Full results and final standings)

[details=Spoiler]1. Yang (155 frames)
2. Yun (219 frames)
3. Gill (236 frames)
4. Urien (241 frames)
5. Ken (247 frames)
6. Ibuki (256 frames)
7. Remy (258 frames)
8. Alex (267 frames)
9. Makoto (271 frames)
10. Oro/Chun Li (276 frames)
12. Sean/Elena (289 frames)
14. Dudley (297 frames)
15. Gouki (306 frames)
16. Twelve (308 frames)
17. Q (321 frames)
18. Hugo (339 frames)
19. Necro (340 frames)
20. Ryu (356 frames)

For reference,the bars on the right show their current speed (green) and average speed overall (orange).
This test was done by Japanese players using a lua script and there is a brief explanation on it at the end.

Why no Tyrant Slaughter?

This…is kinda cool. Dudley and Yang surprised the shit outta me.

this was pretty awesome. Remy’s dash is surprisingly fast

lmao gill.

Who needs drugs when you could just…mow you lawn.

Well this was hallarious and awesome.


I would have thought Hugo would have used his Hammer Frenzy Super and just held down the button. :confused:

After this video, Yang’s favorite song became “Rawhide.”

Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’…~

Makoto only knows two speeds: walk and punch.

cool video but you might want to give credit to the original maker of the video. especially on youtube.

I found out about these last month, on 28 October. I posted them on the 3rd Strike Europe FB group, which is (I assume) where RVN found them.

As for who made the vids, it’s the same guy who made all the 3rd Strike training lua scripts for FBA-rr. His blog is here: