"Trivial" things you now use or care about a lot


Let’s bar all sex jokes and obvious stuff regarding health.

I had a thread a while back called “Things you didn’t think would get popular.” This is pretty much the same thing, only it’s about random, trivial stuff in your life you didn’t care about at first, but use a lot now. Again, the scale is wide. Maybe you originally didn’t care that a DVD had commentaries, but now it’s one of the primary reasons you’d buy a DVD.

For me:
-My MP3 player has an alarm clock on it. A few years ago, that didn’t matter at all. Now I use it every day to offset my awful sleep patterns and get to school/wherever on time.

-Podcasts. I never cared about them until I realized they’re easy listening for when I’m doing stuff around the house. Now I have a bunch of them I haven’t listened to yet.

-Smart Playlists. I didn’t care about them in Winamp (my primary music manager) until around a year ago, and now their automatic sorting has enabled me to download and burn through tons more music than I used to.


audiobooks. just like with you and podcasts, audiobooks are a lifesaver when i’m stuck in the shitty daily commute. i always feel like i’m wasting time when i’m stuck in traffic, and now i can catch up on my reading instead! hooray!


The calendar on my smartphone.

I used to use a combination of the paper scheduler I got for school and my own memory for scheduling. Then, when I got a new smartphone a year and a half ago, I decided to try that out. First, I just used it to remind me of when to pay my bills (since I frequently used to forget to pay them), but now, I use it to schedule meetings, social events, vacation time, birthdays, appointments, exams, or even simple errands. I have it send reminder alarms prior to the start time and I can even have it send reminders via e-mails to friends/family/collegues automatically as well.

I love it and I have no interest is going back to my old methods.

I want to get a new phone, as my current phone runs too slow and is on an outdated and shitty OS (HTC Touch Pro 2 on Windows 6.5) but I have so much programed into it that I’m reluctant to make the upgrade.



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As I see it.


i thought winter coats were so overrated when i was a kid


Google Chrome’s incognito window so i can watch porn without leaving a trace hah!
Browser extensions and plugins like Ebay and Kanji translators.





Wikipedia. I mean, I guess I never thought explicitly that it wasn’t useful, but I don’t think I ever anticipated how much use I’d get out of it. It was my primary source for so many final exam reviews or research papers. To digress, I think its neat that it encourages learning for leisure/fun. Before getting lost in wikipedia for a couple hours became a common occurrence to internet users everywhere, when was the last time any of us picked up an encyclopedia or text book and just read it for hours?


You add “As I see it” to the end of all your posts; you always have more than 4 characters. Your second line was useless.

As I see it.


I totally feel you on the podcast thing.


Public transport, used to hate it till about a year ago, now I use it everyday for university, I’d be screwed without it.


Basketball / running shoes. This was more than act of laziness than anything. I’m a skateboarder, so I have tons of beat up flat soled shoes (most of them have the sole completely tapered off from friction with grip tape) and I used to always just wear these to go play ball.

I never had a problem, except the blisters I would get on my feet. So I decided to stop being cheap… and I want to Marshall’s and bought a 30$ pair of running shoes lol. No more blisters for me, and the ankle support is nice.


A good set of headphones/monitors, back in the days of cassette tapes and portable cd players I didnt give two shits about what kind of headphones I used to listen to music with as long as it made sound and lasted longer than two weeks. Now I’ll go bat shit if I can’t listen to music without my Seinheisers in ears.


If you are running Windows 6.5 like I was, you can copy everything from your calendar from Outlook to Windows Live and then upgrade to a Windows Phone 7. It sucks everything down from your Live account and your calendar is intact again. That is what I did, since I also run my life on Outlook/Windows Live.


Smart phones in general.

When they were becoming “hot” or “new” (2001ish) I was with the thinking of “Why the fuck do I need all of that? I only need to call and text.”

Boy was I wrong. What a difference 10 years make huh?