Trogdor/TetsuAKA collaboration - taking requests

K, last time i posted was close to 2 years ago. The the great trogdor(me) transformed into TetsuAKA, August 2003. What a great day that was in srk history.
Im glad to be back kids.
Me and TetsuAKA are taking requests.

yes we are awesome, thank you…thank you. :encore:


  1. We will do animation.
  2. we will do team ava’s.
  3. Provide ALL images or sprites.
  4. Be pretty specific on what you want so we dont have to remake the ava 4,000 times.
  5. If you whore me, you face bannation bitchass.
  6. Dont rush us please.
  7. We will make tags also so plz tell the canvas size.
  8. We will do photo manipulations.
  9. If your going to request animation, if your not premium, then dont ask for a big ass animation, getting animation under 20k is annoying. so make it easy.
  10. We will make Stick art, but it will cost money. :xeye:

uhh, i think thats it, if i forgot something ill add it later.
if you have any questions then ask.

:Wiating List:

:Pick Ups:

How much would you charge for some stick art that is 14.5" tall and 24.5" wide?

it depends on what you are wanting on it.
eh the most ill charge is 5$.
the only time i will charge 5$ is if it takes me more than a day to make. so tell me what you want first, and ill decide.

do u guys do wallpapers too :slight_smile:

wait so u guys are the same person? sorrry ur post is confusing the hell outta me :open_mouth: HI TETZ!

So… you have multiple personalities or something? =O

ya we are one like im the chocolate and he is the milk…get what im sayin?

ya we will make wallpapers.

Well, I don’t really have any exact preference as to what you put on it. The only thing it MUST have is a “warm” colored background (red/yellow/orange). I had an idea for a sunset scene with the silhouettes of two samurai facing off. Or you could just have a bunch of character artwork on it, whatever you think looks best. It would need to be at least 300 dpi (preferably 400 if you can) so it prints well.

Let me know what you think, thanks.

could you get me images plz.

Cool make me a wallpaper plz u can use ne style background juss put these girlz in it

Thnx guys :tup:

for size i guess 800x600? dosent really matter

EDIT: Cancel my request plzthnx

Ok Well, Can I Get A Magneto Av With Him Recolored And The Background Recolored In The Same Type Of Scheme As Sin City But Have His Eyes Glowing Red And His Hands(if You Get A Sprite With His Hands) Also Have It Say Team Decepticons And Dragongod Like In The Corners In Small Font Cause I Want The Magnus To Show Off And Your Ultimate Skillz Too. Thanx :slight_smile:

Can you guys hook me up with a nice Ken wallpaper?
Just be creative, as long as it has pics and/or sprites of Ken from 3s, with a nice blue, white, and/or black background scheme then I’m happy.

I don’t think Trogdor/TesuAKA is (are?) coming back…

Well it’s only been two days and he’s probably busy with other things. Be patient.

by my count it’s been 5 days since the last tetsuaka/trogdor post in this thread.

I was going by Dragongods post but yes. Maybe he has alot on. I’m sure he’ll be back to check this thread or work on avatars when he has his free time.

k sorry guys, lol long story why i was gone for so long, but im back peeps so ill do the requests.

Please cancel my request.

cool i will be waiting :tup: