Troll Gamestop tourneys for your free copy. Ill tell you how


1. Call literally every gamestop youre willing to drive to
Hey bro its all up to you. If you dont have a car just promise your mom or your gay uncle (or whoevers giving you a ride) that youre going to “return something for some money” and pay them back.

2. Find out if they are doing day of or couple days after release tournaments
Casual gamers dont even ask questions like this, Gamestop will have no idea how to answer this, so the probability of some stores doing day-of tournaments and the rest doing one a week or two after are high. This is why #1 is important. The more stores that have after-release tournaments the more chances you have to go and troll them for free collectors editions.

3. Enter as many as you can (5 bucks a pre-order)
Self explanatory

4. Rape
Again, self explanatory.

5. Turn your profits, chump.
Now lets say you have about 3 copies of MvC3 won. If its after release those already turn into store credit. Want cash? TIP: take the store credits you just won, buy the NEWEST games they have (look at the billboard above the register) and then take those same games to another store to trade into cash.

6. All of the troll are belong to us.**

Go fourth with this knowledge I have given you. I wont tell yall nothin wrong. Yall my heart.


So buy a lot of MvC3 games for some reason with $5 preorders and somehow get free premium editions show up at random tournaments very few places will have and somehow become a billionaire.

You could just advertise which game stops are going to have tournaments or if your seeking financial advise your better off buying 1 copy of MvC3 and going to work, if not you can always buy a ticket and win the lotto.


You only need to pre-order the game to enter the tournament. Why would I sit here and list which gamestops are having the tournament, you need to ask the store where you live. WTF are you talking about?

Secondly, no im not telling you which stores IM going to, that defeats the purpose of me having the preemptive strike. I want to go, beast and leave. The same way I did at fight club. You do what Im doing where YOU live.

Im entered in one release day tournament and two after-release tournaments at 2 different gamestops.

I’m trying to help yall niggas. Dont shoot me down.


So you’re gonna send me a copy for free right? I’ll give you internet points!


there is no way this cannot work


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