Troll Gems.



gems that capcom should totally sell:

slowjectile gem tier 1-3 - cuts projectile movement speed
unlimited fireballs gem - projectiles can be made no matter how many other projectiles are on screen from your character
clone gem - play as 2 of your point character
fastjectile gem - adds to your projectile movement speed
hitconfirm stun extension gem - when active your characters BnB hit confirms initial hit has double hitsun
projectile stun extension gem - when active projectiles cause more stun
the SRK gem. when active your F>D>DF+P becomes = ryus dragon punch
the dive kick gem - when active you can only dive and kick
umeow’d? gem - forces the other team to be team playstation cats.
3rd strike gem - no gems. 3rd strike parry system active at all times.
alpha 3 gem - no dashes, air gaurd, insane walk speed, no gems, active at all times
grapplers gem - extends grapple range(the greater the intitial range the greater the boost)
the reverse auto throw break gem gem - turns off opponents auto throw break gem leaving you both gemless and vulnerable.
the reverse auto-block gem - turns off opponents auto block gem
unblockable gem - when you have meter for 1/6 meter wether you go high or low your opponent will not block
the LOL gem - taunt for a ridiculous boost in super meter.
the taunt cancel gem - taunt can be canceled at any time.
TROLOLOLOLONO. gem - combined effect of the above two gems plus 50% everything boost. only available to asians like ono, or sakurai that have to dumb down they own game just cuz they cant win at it.
rage quit addicts gem - gain battle points when you quit mid ranked match.
the lag is to blame for my losses gem - gain online battle points when in offline modes.
the auto anti air gem - for 1/10 meter automatically perfectly punishes all jump ins and dive kicks with an invincible anti-air
the auto oki gem - automatically turns your hitboxes into the proper distance+high/mid/low/overhead for whatever their get up option of choice for 1/10 meter
the free mode gem - for 1/10 meter each defensive action and 1/2 meter automatically does your most powerful combo as an unblockable.

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I hate how stupid our “Community” is sometimes :shake:


me too. but most of these gems, are better than the crap gems they sell now.


Indeed. If only mods could infract for blatant stupidity.


dont act like slowjectiles + infinite projectiles wouldnt be awesome.


No, but I can certainly infract for stupid threads.