Trolling Advice?



I don’t normally play Street Fighter, but after watching this video series ([media=youtube]o-gImf_1YRY[/media]), I decided to give trolling players at arcades a try when I’m not playing Guilty Gear.

Now that I’ve noticed how effective it is at shutting down newbs (I really don’t know wtf I’m doing, and it works - all it took was a minute or two to learn how to do a 360 grab), I’ve decided to get better at trolling. I spent a few hours today looking up framerate data (finding that the middle headbutt starts faster but doesn’t last as long as the heavy one, so it’s good for interrupting or trading, while the heavy one is good for landing on people or attacking meaty, finding out the difference between the lariats, and finding out how you can get stupidly huge range on his SPD).

Any advice for getting better at this? I have the basics down, and I know how to read people somewhat well and predict their moves, but not knowing gameplay or matchup specifics definitely hurts me (like getting grabbed by that Abel dude out of the flash from my ultra - didn’t think that would work, but it happened to me the last time I played).

I don’t own the game, so practice is limited to like once every 2 weeks at when I go to a local arcade to get some Guilty Gear in, and like I said before, I don’t really care to be the best SF4 player or the best Zangief - I just want to troll players when I get good or put trash talkers in their place if they ever hassle me (I actually had a guy come over to tell me off the other day when I was at the arcade - it’s set up to challenge any other machine in the room, and I guess the guy came looking for me after a few rounds of spamming the headbutt and SPD).

What is the invincibility on Zangief’s moves? I read somewhere that any version of SPD is better than the EX version, but the EX one has 1-5 invincibility. Could I flash buffer that out of an opponent’s ultra and beat it with the invincibility? Does flash buffering even work in SF4/SSF4?

What’s the difference between the different punch button versions of the SPD? Does one absolutely have to use the light punch version to do the extended range SPD (that trick where you start the input in a way that you’re moving forward when you actually start the move)?

I read somewhere that Zangief’s ultra and super are 1 frame till the flash and 0 frames after - if they’re not already grab invincible during the flash, i should get the grab, so at what point does jumping count as airborne or throw invincible? Any other generic moves that count as throw invincible (ie everyone has them, besides a backdash, though I’d like to know what the invincibility frames on backdashes are anyway)?

Thanks in advance.


It is a sad day on the Zangief forums.


I think you’d get much better advice if you didn’t openly state that you just wanted to troll people. So the cat is already out of the bag at SRK. You’re probably gonna have to go to another forum and ask for advice…but leave out the trolling part.


Maybe, but I’d rather be honest. Also, if the trolling style gets in their head (“why does he keep doing this? He’ll just do it again, so I’ll uppercu- damnit, he blocked, there goes 1/6th of my hp” and “damnit, this guy is so cheap, AND HE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW WHAT HE’S DOING HE’S JUST GETTING LUCKY”), why is that a bad thing?

I don’t really have any fun with this game unless I play like this, so I might as well push this tactic to it’s absolute best even if there are better tactics out there. Come on now - if you lose to a guy who’s played this only a few times because he can read you really well, even if he has very limited experience with the game itself and its own specific skills (ie, the combos in this game vs the combos in any other game), you’re going to get pissed off, and I have every motivation to try to keep you pissed off or try to make you more pissed off.

So… any videos with hitbox data on the headbutts? Any good framerate data charts (I’ve seen a few very limited ones, but I was hoping for Dustloop level of comprehensiveness, though maybe I’m spoiled by just how good it is)?
Any wisdom from similar experiences?

Hey, why would you care if I’m trolling or not anyway? I have enough etiquette at an arcade to not kick someone off of a machine when they’re practicing with the computer and trying to learn (that’s one thing I don’t like myself, so I wouldn’t do it to someone else). I’m not going to go trash talk some dude and then play him like this and see if I win. I just want to win by the funniest means possible if someone asks me to play with them, and the occasional game at an arcade where on one knows who the hell the headbutt spamming Zangief that somehow wins is makes my friend’s laugh.


you can safe jump marn’s ex messiah kick in the tournament with the headbutt and then send him to loser bracket first round of the tournament because he keep trying it


We call that “mixups.”


I thought a mixup was attacking high/low, just as crossups involve going over or through the opponent to the other side to mess with which way they’re blocking?

Come on now, I said I play Guilty Gear. I’m not new to terminology; I’m asking for framerate data here, among other things.
Johnny can go for block strings into mist finer cancels to then further pressure, or end with a low mist finer for a combo, or end with a TKed Ensenga for knockdown. That’s a mixup right?

“you can safe jump marn’s ex messiah kick”

Who’s marn and what does this move look like?


So it took me all of about 5 minutes to learn how to do the extended range version of the SPD (412369 + Light Punch). I’m lovin’ it.

SPD > Jump in > SPD from far away
Heavy Punch > SPD
Whiffed Jab > SPD
Green Hand from almost full screen > SPD

At this point, I need to know what the advantage in using the Heavy Punch version of SPD is over the Light Punch, since the light punch has so much more range with this trick.

I’m really loving how you can do stuff like H Headbutt (on hit) > Heavy Punch > delay > SPD to try to **** with someone.

How long out of block stun do you have to wait before you can grab someone? I’m looking for more traps and ways to piss people off.

Midscreen fireball? Get grabbed. : )


Are you still here?


Zangief’s Frame Data Super Street Fighter 4 :

Also, learn Geif’s option selects. Jab SPD has longer range, but if you’re already in their ass, use the Fierce SPD. It does more damage and double the stun.

I love what you’re doing, btw.


If they block a jab > jab, do a lp SPD


I came to Zangief forums and found this? Is this guy trolling zangi boards (I’m Guy boards… and I wanted to learn Zangi for trolling/messing around too but i think he’s meh right now). Anyways this guy rocks, REAL OR NOT!!!

You have my support, keep trolling!


wtf how is playing Gief trolling?


Thanks a ton guys. Looking over the framerate data now. Thanks for the info on the SPDs. So I’ll use the light version for range, heavy version for stun/damage (stun is great, especially with the headbut). EX version has invincibility on frames 1-5, though the damage is less than the heavy version and the range is less than the light version, right? I guess I can use it to reversal moves… a friend that plays this game seriously mentioned that supers/ultras tend to not have invincibility on them - just priority (I don’t know how the **** that works. Is that the truth and does this game make no sense, or is he just talking out his butt?), so I’m wondering if I can just EX SPD out of certain moves at point blank (if they’re throwable).

Also, can you flash buffer in this game (aka, doing the input for a move during the time-frozen start up of an ultra or super so you can start it on the first frame you can move again)? It’d be really nice to flash buffer SPDs and EX SPDS on people, and know that I need to be careful when I go for my stuff.

Oh, the timing is rough since you have to leave a window for hitstun to end, but I like

landing headbutt > fierce punch > jab SPD

Really gets into someone’s head (and takes away 1/2 their hp).


It seems like you really want to learn gief and not just troll you might get better feed back to your questions if you moved it over to the FAQ thread I won’t answer any of your questions until you do sry.


cool story bro


I typed up a long response the other day that I thought got posted, but I guess it was either deleted or some error happened. -_-;

“It seems like you really want to learn gief and not just troll you might get better feed back to your questions if you moved it over to the FAQ thread I won’t answer any of your questions until you do sry.”

That’s not happening because I don’t know how to move stuff around in this forum. Besides, other people will answer questions just fine. I don’t see how you could have a problem with me wanting to learn how to abuse certain tactics that are effective - isn’t that what everyone wants to do? Meh.

Actually, some of you guys still seem sort of annoyed with the whole situation while others are happily helping out. Is the word “trolling” that strong, or do you guys just not want to help a guy who’s asking how he can beat other people?

“I came to Zangief forums and found this? Is this guy trolling zangi boards (I’m Guy boards… and I wanted to learn Zangi for trolling/messing around too but i think he’s meh right now). Anyways this guy rocks, REAL OR NOT!!!”

Thanks for the support, but I’m not trolling you guys - I’m asking for help here. If I wanted to troll you guys I’d say that I might as well only play this game to troll people because the game is boring. There’s 30+ characters where there may as well only be 10 because they all play the same. : )

What are some good option selects in this game? I’m used to what goes on in Guilty Gear (when pushing multiple buttons, the “weakest” in the chain of command of Heavy Slash > Slash > Kick > Punch comes out, so you can do things like 6+HS+P to do a grab attempt (6+HS) that will turn into your invincible-above-the-waist/knees forward punch (6+P, good anti air) if a grab cannot be performed (if say, they jumped), rather than throwing out your 6HS which might be a bad move at that range). I don’t know how exactly they would work in Street Fighter because I barely know the mechanics for this series (hell, I usually forget I have Lariat when I’m playing).


Kinda sad needing advice on a one dimensional style of play that revolves around a single gimmick.


OK, I’ll bite.

IMO, it’s kinda sad that you troll the forum of a character that you apparently don’t like.

And what’s this single gimmick your speaking of? I have a feeling that what YOU think his gimmick is…is not at ALL what his “gimmick” really is.


Watch the video in the fist post of the op. He thinks doing one move(fp headbutt) over and over again is trolling then too top it off he’s telling everybody how lame SSF4"There’s 30+ characters where there may as well only be 10 because they all play the same. : )."

#1 If you need help with anything in that video you should not have skipped those classes where you got picked up in that short bus with the tinted windows.

#2 Most people come here to get better cause they like the game and they really do want to get better, now thats worth peoples time. Your here and you don’t like the game and you just wanna make people mad and not get better, only good enough to annoy scrubs. Is this really worth someones time to help you be a total ass and piss off new players that actually enjoy the game?