Trolling the game

For me, the worst is when the other player doesn’t go when he enters your lobby. I’ll kick any player who takes longer than 0.75 seconds to go when it is possible to go.

Then, you get the guy who sits at the character select screen for the full 40 seconds. I’ve taken to unplugging my ethernet cable if they don’t make a choice in 5 seconds.

What are the little things that irritate you online?

people posting in the wrong forum always irritates me online

For one is when people wait for you to pick first and then they try to counter pick you. I really dont get the point of that because now it takes even more longer for the match to start.

Yeah, off-topic posts are irritating, aren’t they?

This belongs in FGD.

boring threads and Fox News

Not really talking about the game, now, are we?

This thread is intended as irksome behaviour online in any game, not just FG’s. It belongs in GD.

I hate people who make vague as hell threads on wrong subforums…

I find people who repeat other people’s (in your case, two prior persons) wrong opinions irritating.

Your mom’s porn sucks. I irritated.

…How fucking impatient can you be?

Yawn. Don’t enter the ring if you aren’t ready to fight.

It annoys me when people plug in their mics and then leave them next to their arcade sticks.


I muted everyone long ago because it seemed all the talkers were verbally abusive. At least YOU know when they’re mashing, though.

These kinds of problems really only pertain to fighters tho…There’s no character select screen in COD for example and the game starts without you anyway.

Edit: On the topic of Mics. Party chat killed half the fun of XBLA. You never meet anyone anymore.

it irritates me when people who arent even mods complain about other people posting in the wrong forum, as if they were forced to respond in that thread.

You know what I hate aside from everything listed? When bitchasses report posts because they can’t come up with a witty retort.