Trolling with Trish. Lesser known facts

Trish can almost single handedly run away from the opponent for a finite about of time, given she has a life lead. If Trish had anything close to the chip of a character like Dormammu or Taskmaster she would be disgusting. None the less, post up anything that may be underused, or not very advertised on Trish’s behalf that are really good things to know if you play Trish.

-Laying a trap ANYWHERE on the screen vs Wesker stops ALL random MaximumWesker attempts.

-Trish can slide (cr.M) underneath Arthurs daggers and Sentinel low spit, to negate zoning.

-Trish can slide under Tatsu.

-Trish has one of the best wavedashes in the game.

-Laying a second hopscotch in the same spot makes it impossible to get in between the space of Trish and the original trap.* ie: your opponent standing underneath trying to get to you. *Throwing a second trap creates an impossible space to get through.

-instant air peekaboo puts the trap directly in front of Trish while keeping her still floored making horizontal offense more difficult. Standing peekaboo stops 45 degree assault as opposed to the space directly in front of Trish. Good for specific matchups.

-hopscotch >>> Doom dive priority

-Bait your opponent into pushblocking and attempting to punish a whiffed S by canceling an LMH string into a trap or fireball. Only LMHS on hit, her S is very unsafe.

-When your opponent begins to anticipate your rhythm of jumping into the air and laying traps start canceling into flight. Not only do you gain two-three more specials while airborne but you can also change the location in which you land on the ground, putting a hole in your opponents preemptive attack.

You can be an unbearable annoyance to 90% of the cast who has no air-to-air answer to her boomerang, fireball and traps. pair that with an assist suited for keepaway/anti air and Trish becomes a large problem:

-Doom Rocks
-Doom Missiles
-Sent Drones
-Morrigan Boost
-Morrigan Shadow Blade
-Amaterasu Boost
-Tron Gustav

A very lame and effective way to play Trish is to constantly jump and lay a hopscotch, then hide behind it.

There a lot of random things about Trish that are escaping me, a lot of this stuff has just become second nature to me so its hard to literally think about. Add to.

  1. Peekaboo is actually a nice way to reset and airgrab (After the hitstun is scaled, and directly after an OTG)
  2. Jumping L is an instant overhead, Paired with the right assist, This can be VERY deadly. (Ammys Coldstar for Example). Also works Incredibly Well with Round harvest when Opponent is standing up after Jump S.
    3.If you Do level 3 and Xfactor, The hitbox of the level 3 still is there for a split second even though u can still move.
  3. Trish can slide under DISRUPTA!
  4. Flight Dashing can Mindfuck people…Trufax.
  5. Hopscotch is gay…Use it.

trish have one of the best wavedashs? wtf, that shit slow as fuck even when i plink dash. her tri dashing speeds seems much faster while also being able to set up nice offense if you decide to move forward.

also she can slide to the other side of a grounded opponent when she is hitting them with round trip for a pretty good cross up i still haven’t figured out how to do this with ammy using coldstar

Some of the stuff I discovered while in training mode with her.

I’ve setup the Round Trip c.M crossup with Tron-b assist and Ironman-a assist. Cold Star should work the same way.

Against teams with drones assist, as long as Sentinel is grounded, he eats the full damage of a ground qcf+PP super because of his size. qcf+PP into a DHC or XFC into another qcf+PP will kill Sentinel easy.

The round trip crossup… does it only work if round trip hits or will it work in blockstun too? It feels like a stupid question but I’m inclined to ask.

Tron fire>DHC glitch is disgusting.

That crossup with c.M only works on hitstun.

UnknownEnemy do you play on psn? I’d love to exchange Trish strats.

Thats some crazzyy stuff :o

Oh Trish can Kara Cancel her 5H into a Peekaboo or Hopscotch. It moves her forward slightly.

Any practical use? Iunno.

From what I recall, Peekaboo can eat a hit before disappearing. In theory this makes it ideal protection from divekicks, since the opponent would use up their hit destroying the trap first (if it is above Trish), and potentially land Trish a free “whiff” punish on reaction. I should test this out some more, and see if it makes Wolverine/Doctor Doom matches a bit more bearable.

Uh, one of my friends tried doing that. Wolvy destroyed the trap AND went through and still hit Trish. It was kinda baffling to watch actually.

Yeah. Not directly related, but Wolverine’s dive kick also negates Spencer’s zipline and chris’ pistol shots.

wtf is wrong with that character.

Wut. I’ve gotta go into training mode and find out what exactly the dive kick’s properties are.

properties? they’re “don’t give a fuck” properties. Plus peekaboo trap is pretty low priority. so most specials/command normals and some normals beat it.

Hopscotch+block it is then. I remember it frustrating some Berserker Slash attempts, so off to the lab again.

1.Peekaboo can be hit out of the air and takes the hit for you.
2.Hopscotch assist can be used to set up untechable air exchanges reliably with any character that can change the direction of their combo so far I could only get this to work with Amaterasu
3.If you lay hop scotch assist and teleport then they hit you while your blocking you can advancing guard them to make them get hit by the trap
4.Round trip (special) stays active if you switch Trish out and is no longer active when Trish blocks an attack.
5. Trish can stay up in the air safe from most attacks for at least 5 seconds laying traps+ flying.

Fun thing to do.
[]Throw round trip
]X-Factor as soon as it leaves her hands
[]Raw tag to a character with a teleport (like Dante)
]Teleport behind them ASAP
[]Raw tag back to Trish
]If they get hit with the raw tag, you can combo out of it.
The Round Trip will keep the first raw tag safe. It then zooms off behind your character trying to get back to Trish. Then you teleport behind them and raw tag back to Trish. The Round Trip zooms back over to her now on the opposite side (effectively going through the opponent a 3rd time).

It’s totally impractical and dumb but it looks hilarious, someone is definitely getting hit, and hitting it in a match is total trolling with Trish.

I was trying to get it going where I could just keep one Round Trip on the screen for a stupid amount of time but couldn’t quite get it. Maybe by slowing it down with her 623:h: move? Haha.

Lol I have to try that sometime I just got that round trip fact from you in the other thread now I’m stealing that set up. Now I’m going to put it into my game plan just to make someone rage. I won’t be satisfied with my Trish un til I make someone break their controller or at least rage quit.