Trolls watchout... the police are about?


Didn’t really know what to think about this one. On the one hand it’s pretty twisted this guy’s gone out of his way to troll some peeps about their family members dying but on the other it kind of boils down to freedom of speach and well… it’s the internet. Take that shit with a grain of salt. Judgement reserved really.

The D.M.V. (DC_Maryland_Virginia)

Harassment is illegal. Freedom of Speech does not cover harassing and generally ruining the well being of other peoples lives. People like to think it being the internet protects them, but it really doesn’t. In fact it being the internet means they have your trouble making in writing which just makes it easier for them to fuck shit up for you.


You’re kidding me right?

edit: Whoops, but Radiant explained it better. Shut this thread down, you’re illiterate and dumb. Crime doesn’t override our rights. Judgment not reserved idiot, good job making a useless thread and wasting space.


Don’t harass him pimp, you could go to jail.


If this was actually enforced there would be no SRK. Hell. There would be no internet.


this sets a bad precedent. what are they gonna do, police the entire interwebz? fuck that bullshit.


No bitch here would complain. But the girls family had good reason to file a complaint if they wanted to (and they did). And why he’s not charged with the other offenses (related to) is because the family didn’t seek him out.

He looks like a troll, probably what Minii looks like too.

Anyone want to Troll Mummy-B or any other SRK we lost in the past? Go ahead and watch what happens.


I’m not disagreeing with it. I’m just saying, if that law was actually enforced, pretty much 90% of the internet wouldn’t exist.

And yeah. RC would curb stomp a fool if anyone ever spoke ill of Mummy. Nation wide manhunt status.


There is a difference between posting nonsense to enlist nerd rage and making fun of a dead girl on a memorial site. On SRK you would only run into this if a poster took an argument you had on here to another level. This would be similar to someone finding all of your social networks and bomb them with threats and obscenities directed at you or if someone personally attacked you again and again in an attempt to slander your name.

This is harassment which is not legal even under the first amendment. Freedom of speech gives you a lot of room to act like an idiot, but libel, slander, and others like them are illegal.


Things like this require someone to press charges for anything to be pursued. Odds are good that nobody on SRK would be so bitchmade as to report harassment to the police over some dumb thread here. But goin after dead kids and such is a little bit different, and the parents can and should file charges for that shit.


Again. I’m not disagreeing with what they did. People are fucking dumb.
And I’ve only known one person to personally attack me in an argument (made fun of my dead brother and cousin) and he was perma-banned for it.

despite popular belief SRK is pretty morally sound. Well…except for Million. But we love him for it.


This is actually not true at all and a clear case of verbal or physical harassment has to be made and proven and the law’s of such vary from state to state let alone country.
Not to mention freedom of speech especially on a public forum are constitutionally protected in the US and other country’s have similar process’s globally.

It is under this precedent that our media and sadly paparazzi operate and while i do agree the guy deserves a beating for his callus actions look at the flip side of it with the whole “Cyber Police” meme that happened a few years back.

Incidentally as i understand it the man committed no crime.
Public rights groups are going to have a field day with this one.


You got some issues there, what got up your ass? Nobody said what he did was okay but as Toddler stated above this could be the start of a very downward spiral where they start policing everything you say on the internet. For example, if things got bad you could get arrested for what you said for being offensive towards me.

Internet Troll Jailed for 18 weeks

I told some girl over ICQ years ago that I wanted to will my hands to gigantic proportions so I could pimp slap her from where I was sitting. An hour later cops showed up at my door with a printout of our conversation. Cop asked me if I said that, I laughed and said yes

Then I shut the door and went back to diablo 2


In England, which is where this happened, it’s totally different. Libel laws are much stronger and enforced extremely harshly. Also, in libel cases there, you have to prove that you are innocent rather than guilty.

In a case like this, there is almost no state in this country that would not prosecute someone for this sort of harassment if it lead to a suicide. Especially that of a teenager. Texas, maybe, but you would still need a wackaloon judge, or be really rich to avoid prosecution. Dude got what he deserved.


how not scary. UK, you make me laugh.


slagging a dead teen on a page dedicated to them.

wtf is wrong with this freak ?


You’re an idiot. Police didn’t initiate this and that’s what you’re implying. And it’s funny how you’re basing your opinion on the case and this THREAD under US laws (you can’t even spell speech or judgment correctly), you need to know the subject matter before making a thread.

This isn’t the first or last time it will happened. And I really doubt I’d get arrested (or cited or warned) so shut your face.


Thats the UK for you. And i live there.


freedom of speach doesnt mean that you are free to say stupid shit any time that you want
there is a limit on what you can say and where you can say it
quoting Benito Juarez "Among individuals as among nations, the respect to other people’s rights is peace”
this is something that many seem to forget because they think that they are “free” to say whatver shit that pop ups on their minds