what do you guys think of this team?
nuthing better to have doom as cover while crossing upwith hp to combo ending in lunch rush DHC to HVB for heavenly damage:evil:
p.s. don’t do this against cabe unless it kills him if i’m not mistaken he can AHVB you to death after it…

Is it possible to rush down with that team?

<- Mag/Cable/Tron :o

yees it is possible just tri to keep the point in block stun while doom covers you and sj cancel to A/d hp so it crosses up also tri normal jumping a/d lk and continue to block stun and drill that shit so when it ends dooms rocks hit to cover your tri-juphp or lk
to pressure also mix some throws in and be very careful for assist
but doom should cover that up:cool:
also the team dynamic is rushdown battery/ mid game point/ main assist
you rush down and build some super with tron then bring cable by DHC or counter to AHVB and doom helps you have ground control while cable dominates the air
imo this team is focused on chiping life away and tron/doom is a good way to zone rush down and chip at your opponents :smiley:

lose that shitty robot try using strider. ever heard of the strider doom trap:rolleyes:

^ more stellar advice… :rolleyes::lol:

You’re a much better smarta$$ than you are an MvC2 player, I bet…

[EDIT: It’s a Tron thread, dumba$$. Contribute or stfu. k thx]

yes i have but i’m trying to incorporate doom’s AAA to help tron’s tick damage bleeding she can do and besides this is a tron based team n strider wouldn’t help much tron now would he?

TBonne-A might have problems with Strider, but Cable/Tron-Y should pick apart Strider/Doom. You only have so many levels with Strider and you need them to do cheese, err, damage, whereas Cable/Tron-Y kills without needing to do the super. The super just kills further. :slight_smile:

Tron-Y is a killer assist. It’s pretty much too good to pass up unless you’re insanely set on using Tron-A. Two solid connections of Tron-Y assist changes the course of the match. :slight_smile:

Timing-pattern wise, if you’re using Tron on point, Sabertooth-B and Sentinel-Y are probably better choices for chip rush-down, since both of them set up for a chip rush-down that can only be alpha’d or push-block’d out of. (Sabertooth is a lot harder to do this with, but you can still do it if they’re not small and ducking.) The rocks just take too long to start up for me to be comfortable using them.

excuse the prophecy hes the ultimate bum

but take out tron and try sentinal

trust me i’ve tried that shit=too chippping:evil: still i want a tron team n this teams nice
also thanx to zachdms tron-y is to damaging and kills quickly
i used tron-a with the purpose of landind the throw to j.hp xx to AHVB set up’s but realised it’s not worth the risk

thanx ppl:D