tron assist



tips on using tron’s assist effectively. Like do you use more for defense or offense? And tips not getting it stuffed by magneto or capcom assist.


If you live in seattle, talk to preppy. He’s been using on tron his team for years.


How the hell do you have Tron get stuffed by a MAGNETO assist? That’s actually really impressive to me. Are they using Magneto launcher or something?

Yeah, stop by Friday. Do you play down at the Scrub HUB? I’d ask you who you play with, but that’s more suited for the PNW forum. Anyways, howdy. Frank and Evan also play a lot of Tron and probably have a lot of good advice. I can’t think of anybody playing at the HUB now other than SakuraGuy who I would vaguely trust on Tron advice, but then again SakuraGuy is kind of crazy IMHO. :smile:

Tron is really annoying when you use her right. If you remember to use her as a counter-call she’ll work better. If you counter-call against CapCom or call her only when you’re jumping over your opponent, that makes the anti-CapCom fight a lot simpler. Also, your team matters a lot too. Cable’s AHVB can stuff CapCom’s toes, letting Tron beat him. =P


-Use it in an offensive manner in mid combo. Extra damage never hurts.

-Use it to counter call other assists. They will die pretty fast.

-Use it for guard stun layering when attacking an opponent. Helps with mix-up.

-Use it when an opponent attacks you on the ground, she stuffs alot of things. It works as an anti-air as well, depending on the angle of the attacking opponent. (Make em land on it and capitalize on that shit)

-Keep in mind you have several options off the assist connecting. You can:

Go for a super
Create a cross-up/reset
Just a plain old combo

When she is the only one left/gets snapped out

Depending on your team, you can really use some assists to your advantage. Tron can dish out good damage (combo into LR) great chip (drill + assist) and has a great throw that leads to a super or a guard break if you catch it on the wall (FP throw, lk, lk [2 hits], QCF+PP). Use the throw, c.RH(hits low, leads to OTG), and j.FP(cross-ups galore) to mix your opponent up and be generally effective with Tron. On a less important side note, learn when and how to use King Kobun super to your advantage, it saves her life alot when used properly (Blocks chip, deals extra chip)

hope this helps :looney: