Tron Bonne Strategies Resurrection!

this character hasnt been visited or commented much but let me start my own post with her strategies. most credited to mike z. j00 r g0d.

okay tron bonne, what can you say about her? she can be a real bitch to any opponent, she can take down sentinel to a certain degree, also magneto.

strategy 1.

Corner turtle.

let me see that tbonne, is mostly lethal in her corner. most people that play against me dont ever go to the corner with me and my juggernaut ever lol. anyway, try to lure ur opponent and throw them to the corner,
(corner throw,, launch, lp,lk,mp,mk, pause, airthrow,,lunch rush)

if ur opponent won’t get next to u in the corner, then i suggest you jump out of ur corner and throw ur opponent from mid air, back to the corner) its fun stuff.

strategy 2. with doom.

**as mike z says, drill, doom, drill.

doom and tbonne are meant for each other, check out doom/tbonne vid from mike z to show a point google zachd mvc2 videos. anyway in his video he did s.lp,lp.doom assist, drill, and drill one more. but of course that last drill isnt safe. what i suggest is to tiger knee drill and work it from there,

tiger knee drill helps tbone be safe from the lag she gets from ground drill. but watchout for amingo, he’s much faster on catching tbonne drills. i know from first hand experience. tigerknee air drill works great on sentinel, 90% u can throw them after the drill.

common mistakes with tbonne

most new tbonne players will do the #1 mistake often, and thats missing a throw or opponent with a fierce punch. in which she spins for like a zilion seconds. it lags quite a bit. in order to get out of the situation, do the kobun shot or ray gun. and don’t forget she can also call out assist when she’s stuck with her spinning Fierce punch.

another mistake is focusing on being on the corner too much waiting for a throw, when u play an opponent a few times, just waiting in the corner just becomes old news. they will stay away from the corner. so you have to mix it up a lot. what i suggest is to airdrill to connect ur opponent and if possible land and throw them to the corner and setup the lunch rush.

and remember keep it simple with tbonne, once u connect ur s.lp lp just lunch rush. it takes 43hit points. and that’s a lot. don’t start getting fancy or else u’ll just die at the end.

rmember when turtling in corner for a throw, always watch ur high and low blocks because all you will be thinking is throwing them to a corner and forget to block low. very common mistake for me also.

strategies against specific characters.


most likely you will be facing an opponent that mostly focusing air attacks and rushing 90% of the time. my advice is to corner up and let him comes towards u, either air throw magnet to the corner or just wait the perfect oppt for him to land so u can throw him. tbonne is very vulnerable from air attacks esp. from magneto. so i suggest limiting urself on the ground and run a few air drills and spinning punches. but try to be defensive 70% of the time to setup some throws.


cable is hard to deal with if ur tron since u want to be able get him close to the corner at the same time he’s doing his keep away so i suggest dashing towards him while he’s up in the air doing his thing. if that’s not working for u, u can air-dash over him, and remember t-bonne has double air-dashes. so u can do it twice in the air and get him off guard with a landing spinning punch.


i personally love to battle against sentinel because of the size difference. one of my favorite things to do against sentinel is to air drill him constantly. since he’s always flying he gets hit. if he’s standing, air-drill connect, and throw sentinel in the corner for a lunch rush. if ur already in the corner, and sentinel is pounding u away, just push block and air drill at him constantly.


tbonne usually has a hard time with storm i admit, for the most part, storm is half rusher and fly awayer…if she’s rushing u, keep jumping away just to get away from the sweeping kick, and fight her in the corners. now if she’s playing hard to get, try dashing and since she loves to jump fly so much, do a immediate jumping swinging punch towards her with a connecting air drill to keep her to the ground.

last thought

these are pretty much a few strategies i’ve played against these characters, and it’s been successful for most part. but don’t get discouraged if you can’t beat storm,cable, sent, or magneto because they’re top tier anyway. but if ur a dedicated tron bonne player like me, you’ll either get them to be afraid of ur tbonne or very annoyed. both good same way. tbonne is a true underrated character and i feel should be a real threat against top tier characters.

i always found her interesting since Mixup used her in 2k3 evo. Does her projectile assist beat out most assist up close?

beats most except i believe ken’s anti-air and not sure about psylocke… and she also takes out projectiles such as fireballs photons or wutevers coming at you.

this isnt true when sent is flying keeping in mind that its a decent sentinel he can just keep flying away from tron , once u see her start to drill just press back and fly back or fly up and ull be fine

its a different story if u catch up to him while wave dashing or something and then sj but im thinking u are talking about just doing drill in air. the drill also has a amomoent of lag after it also so u can get fucked wit a fastfly immediatley after drill.

im not saying it ownt work but if people have experience against a good tron then they usually look out for it. good post though i love playin wit tron and i mean actually playinh wit her

Yeah, if you can’t knock Sent down, you lose. That’s the same story with every character in the game. “Fly back” owns 3/4 of the cast. Tron’s got the drill, infinite air-dash, and Kobun guns to counter that some, but it’s a rough fight for anyone.

That being said, once you knock Sent down, you out-prioritize the hell out of him and should own him if you can work around the assists. Even if he’s blocking, you should be able to drill through him (start very high on his body, and drill across multiple times until you hit the ground, ending with a throw if you’re close), which will even up the health bar pretty quickly.

Most top tier players are used to playing against top tier characters, so aren’t terrifically experienced against low tier characters like Tron. So while it is entirely possible to AHVB on recovery from being hit by Tron’s drill and hit Tron before she recovers, I’ve never seen anybody but Genghis or I do that (and I stole it from Genghis). Etc etc etc. Mag, Storm, Sent, Cable, etc all have fairly one dimensional strategies against Tron (HG, run-away, fly backwards, gun+grenade) that you really will have to figure out how to work around if you want to win when Tron’s in.

But she’s tight. When my blocking button is working, the only REALLY tough match-up is Storm, and that’s simply because her broken launchers kick the hell out of Tron. :sad: You can’t cross her up if her launcher hits BEHIND too. :rolleyes:

Yeah the hit box on pretty much all of Storms normals are ridiculous. Ive seen her standing RH hit behind her head alot when im trying to cross her up. Couple those hit boxes with insane priority and you’ve got a real problem for Tron to handle.

Also I would mention that ive played agianst quite a few ppl who will use a runaway sentinel strategy agianst Tron. Sure they might throw out a,,DPRP every once in awhile but pretty much if they are in the lead they dont really need to. It is literally impossible for her to take out a really good sent, even 1 on 1, if he is in the lead by a big enough margin. Its to hard to get close, and when you do, you cant match him in the air. Not only does he outprioritze you, he also stands to gain more from any air encounter. (If he can actually tech hit)